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Chauvin, Waters, Flames.

I posted this article during deliberations of the Chauvin Trial on the afternoon of April 20th, and the jury came back 30 minutes later with a verdict. Now we can get back to normal, right?

While the Chauvin jury deliberates, we await the continued irreversible erosion of either our blind justice system or even more American businesses and cities.

What former cop Chauvin did – on video for the world to see again and again – was shocking, barbaric, inexcusable, and unnecessary. But should cities have been burned, statues toppled, livelihoods ruined, cops targeted, and lawlessness been excused as “mostly peaceful?” Never mind that large gathering and social distancing rules were flaunted. Protests were a medical excuse.

The trial, at least the one hour I could stomach, was an emotional rollercoaster as theater.

The presumption of innocence has been thrown out the window and mitigating circumstances are now irrelevant. Nearly a year ago I wrote that I saw fear in Chauvin’s eyes during the over eight minutes he was kneeling on the back of a subdued George Floyd, a man already dying. Yeah, the policeman screwed up big time.

If the mob doesn’t get Chauvin’s head on a pike first Maxine Waters, then Pelosi, and now Biden say justice won’t be served and other inanities. The presiding judge said in reference to Waters’ comments that overturning the verdict on appeal would be an open lane for Chauvin’s defense. Leave it to Waters to mess up the slam dunk she was looking for.

Recall that Trump was blasted when he weighed in on an investigation and trial by media, by members of both parties and his own Attorney General. Maxine will get a pass on this. At a minimum she should be censured.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, right? Waters is a real piece of work. She lives outside her LA district (when in California) in a $4 million-plus mansion, probably close to her BLM co-founder buddy as a neighbor. The hypocrisy stretches the imagination.

The sad analogy of justice -by-mob is lost on the left-wing politicos and their enablers in the media.

f they don’t get the outcome they want, they will lynch Chauvin figuratively, riot without purpose, and loot when the opportunity presents itself.

I am speculating here, but these unborn riots will be couched as largely peaceful protests by a sycophantic press and will continue to dredge up the outright lie of systemic racism in our nation.

We Americans are all lucky to he here, most of us as an accident of birth. See what the crazies are doing: from last year’s summer of COVID riots, to the January 6th asshats who stormed our capitol violently, to the now on-going and under-reported insanity in Portland, in Wisconsin, in Chicago, and other once great cities… it’s disheartening.

Is a riot the way to change things?

Biden’s message today was a left-handed threat to justice itself and the jury in the Chauvin trial. He should be calming fears and expressing the need to respect on another’s persons and property.

He’s as bad an actor as Waters: peddling lies, distortions, and providing the kindle for flames of civil unrest.


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