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Professional Anarchists, Evil, and Stephen A. Smith’s Solution

Reading requires reflection, concentration, an open mind, and time.

Stephen A. Smith, the sports analyst, was recently castigated for making a political opinion.  The usual liberal media suspects attacked him, and Mr. Smith chose not to explain himself… that his comments stood on their own.  Now, one may not agree with Mr. Smith on every opinion or conclusion on a variety of subjects, but no one can say that he is not thoughtful, serious, and well prepared.  Smith did tweet an 11-minute response (his last word on the political subject at hand, he says) and it is worthy of your time, but one sentence encapsulated his chops. 

Mr. Smith said, “I read.”

What a concept.  Respect to him.  To those who get all of their information, their analysis of culture, their intellectual scrutiny from social media, well, you are missing out.  And likely ignorant.

Heed Stephen A. Smith.  Read.

My initial reaction to the Hamas support riots was that it is a bunch of white kids from White Plains.  I was wrong.  It is much more than that.  This spring’s riots du jour are a mix of ignorance and evil, which breeds anarchy.  The kind of anarchy that can bring down a nation.

We are all anxious about college campuses struggling with rioting, police action, and hate speech screamed at innocents.  No, these are not dance and pizza parties (who do you believe, MSNBC or your lying eyes?).  If students took off their keffiyeh or yarmulka you might not be able to distinguish them from each other, except for the screaming, spitting, verbal and physical assaults, and abuse of law enforcement, although the yarmulka is a badge of honor and those who hide behind the keffiyeh are cowards.

I struggle with the why of these images, but I believe the inanity on college campuses will certainly pass, and that the foundation of these institutions will eventually prevail, hopefully with adult leadership.  We should not write off the Ivy League just yet.

What is happening is anarchy, and not a far stretch from pure evil.  Anarchists and Satan (evil in all forms) are not abstract concepts.  They exist in the human condition, the dark side of free will.  While we do not expect to see people raising their hands to support anarchy and evil, we cannot deny that both happen: always have, always will.

Anarchy has inertia.  It never espouses a goal except its own chaos.  There is no mapped-out plan, nothing to achieve but its own deluded ideal on dismantling.  To anarchists anyone not oppressed is an oppressor and must be destroyed.  Anarchy is the false enlightenment that marks profound ignorance, which can be corrected, by either education or a strong hand.  For whatever reason, today’s anarchy cloaks itself in self-righteousness, believing its insanity will curry favor and support.

Evil is its natural extension. Evil, the devil, is an animal itch that must be scratched.  It is selfish and has a goal:  greed, hunger, envy, revenge, all the decay of the soul.  Evil knows its end and how to get there.

Anarchy is instinct.  Evil is deliberate.  Anarchy is delusion.  Evil is always by intent.

The end goal of anarchy is unknown.  The end goal of evil is hell.

Anarchy tries to rip apart society.  Evil tries to rip out one’s soul.

The anarchist strives to be unpredictable, to accept the inertia of violent association and laud itself.

The evil one, the devil, is very predictable because it speaks to one person at a time, by taking away that person’s hope and better nature.

It has been reported variously that many of the campus agitators are not students. No surprise there. Real anarchists, the devils of society, have always had a cadre of persons who agitate for the sake of it.  These miserable cretins come out of the woodwork to prey upon the naïve, the unread, and those without a firm grasp of adult values.

The anarchists are professional agitators.  They take the front line until the cops show up, then slink away and hope their bad intention infects the weak minded.  Some are looking for a chance to hit a cop, maybe take a beating, and cash in on a lawsuit.

Anarchists and evil doers must be put down with impunity.  That should help their ignorance.  Reading also helps, as implied by Stephen A. Smith, but it might be too much to ask college students to actually read something.

What the professional anarchist and evil doers really want is the destruction of America.

We should all pray for these schools, the communities affected, and law enforcement.  It is looking to be a long hot summer.

Pray for Israel to prevail.

Peace. Out.

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