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Borrowed Treasure on Borrowed Time

On faith alone, it has to be acknowledged that the world stage right now is likely the most dangerous and unstable since the 1930’s.

The world economy is wretched, especially inflation in the USA. Not a depression, but not encouraging, with no moral audacity to right the ship. But that is only one part of it all…

There are multiple fronts of naked aggression, seemingly mindless, in China (the enslavement and genocide of Uyghurs Muslims), in Ukraine by an unprovoked invasion by Russia, and now the abhorrent murder and kidnapping of thousands of Israelis by Hamas, an organization dedicated to the eradication of the Jewish republic, aided and abetted by the backward nation of Iran.

It will get worse, much worse, before it gets better. The Israelis should not be bound to a measure of restraint not demonstrated by Hamas. And you can bet they won’t.

There has been a terrible intelligence and security lapse in Israel, and comparisons to the USA the months before 9/11 are appropriate. Israel, always security conscious to a fault, dropped this one and high ranking officials, both political and military, will be held to account after the killing is done. Israel got wrapped up in internal strife for a year over its judiciary and political screeds of many colors.

Sound familiar? Our political class and military leaders have been distracted by internal and sometimes ludicrous notions. Will we hold our politicians, of either stripe, to account? Will our military promote warfighters and defenders of the realm, or identity barkers? And does it all matter?

Here’s the piece on faith: It will all get worse before it gets better. We have our homes, cars, big plans. These are all borrowed treasures. Most can be taken away.

We treat our accumulation of goods and grievances as credentials of our self-importance.

And that is a grave mistake. We have borrowed treasures, and we live on borrowed time. We have only so many days on this earth, and we will waste it. We must be ready for our end, and we need only the images from Israel to remind us that we do not choose our end. We need to be ready to defend the innocent, yes, but we need to be ready for the kingdom of heaven, also, every day of our lives.

Borrowed treasure on borrowed time.

Peace. Out.

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