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Faith and the People of Our Generation.

I am getting away, for a brief hiatus, from my standard political observations.

I plan to start 2 new tracks on OUR CULTURE INCHOATE: the first one is on FAITH, which is today’s podcast/blog, and then track 5 beginning later this week on marketing with excerpts from my new book, BED BUG STEW, a collection of stories and poems on Roots, Revenge, Redemption, and Baseball. The book is available for presale now and will be released in mid-November. Note that 100% of all presale royalties will be donated to veteran support groups that I outline on my website.

Today, Faith. This might be the only podcast, but there you have it. There is social commentary, too, as sadly it cannot be avoided. To the people of our generation…

Check out the gospel of Luke in the New Testament, particularly Luke 7: 31-35. It’s an interesting parable, pretzeled and unanswered like most are, but here Jesus is speaking to the crowds, asking “what shall we compare to the people of this generation?”

Seems like ancient Palestine had its own cultural and societal confusion and contradictions, aside from being subjugated, enslaved, and occupied by the Romans.

Jesus exposes the current generation that wants to criticize everyone, revealing the hypocrisy of the loud who try to have it both ways, a people who hate for the sake of it. I encourage you to read Luke 7: 31-35.

So the Big Boss finished the parable with “but wisdom is vindicated by all her children.” I have said for years that if you can rationalize your actions to a seven-year-old, then you might be doing the right thing. We can only pray for wisdom in the midst of our cultural insanity, our lack of values.

I find myself ruminating about the gospel at mass, like today, but a good homily, blessedly short, can bring it all into sharp focus. Consider Luke, again, Luke 9: 51-56, with the disciples asking the Lord to “call down fire from heavens to consume them” here, the Samaritans.

And Jesus rebukes his disciples. Nothing vague in this story. No, we do not smite those who hate us. We pray for them. These people, the ones who despise us, these are the ones the Lord is trying to reach.

Isn’t it fascinating that the greatest believers did so before the resurrection? Before the creation, administration, and world dominance of Christianity? We have had 2,000 years and hundreds of martyrs who swore to and died for the truth, and we still. Don’t. Get. It.

My wife and I attended a banquet this past Sunday in support of the Atlanta area Pregnancy Aid Clinics, surrounded by hundreds of like-minded folks and dear friends.

The keynote speaker was Toni McFadden. Google her, she’s worth it. At 16 she had an abortion without her parents’ knowledge, and Toni spoke of her overwhelming pain, her path to God, and about how her prayers and mindset became her path to redemption. But you must listen to her story from her lips.

After she had the abortion her then boyfriend dumped her. She spent the next ten years struggling emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Toni McFadden found God, and we know God never forgot her, and ten years after the abortion which crushed and defined her life her teen boyfriend, the one who ran from her, came back into her life a new man, and begged her forgiveness. He had his own terrible wilderness of his own making, but they both embraced their faith, their own value to the universe, and their unique mission in life.

A happy ending for both: they married and have four thriving children! A beautiful and intimate story of redemption, sincerely and eloquently shared with us in attendance.

Okay, a little politics, here.

I tell Mrs. McFadden’s story because she had a huge point to make: Planned Parenthood doesn’t care for women once it is paid. Pregnancy Aid Clinics, (PAC’s), do care before and after birth, providing care for as long as needed, from clothes to formula to diapers to childcare to driving to medical appointments to job placement assistance and many other volunteer services.

Planned Parenthood kills more Americans, Black Americans, than does Black-on-Black crime, or guns, or law enforcement. Planned Parenthood is promoting genocide and has since its inception. For profit. With taxpayer dollars support.

The Democratic party is complicit in this genocide, telling the Black and Poor that their votes for Democrat sick ideas will support their community.

And that’s the lie. The Democrats are exterminating Black Americans.

The next US Senator to represent the state of California will be Laphonza Butler, the former president and chief fund-raiser for Planned Parenthood, thanks to Gavin Newsome’s cynicism.

We may come to look at Diane Feinstein’s career as the good ol’ days. RIP Mrs. Feinstein.

Never forget that Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicist and racial purist Margaret Sanger, who must be smiling from her low ditch of False Counselors in Dante’s Eighth Circle of Hell.

But let’s remember Luke’s gospel: we don’t smite those who hate us, who despise us. We pray their hearts may someday turn. That is something I can explain to a seven-year-old.

Peace. Out.

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