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Short Takes in a Slow Month

Domingo German, a NY Yankees pitcher who threw a perfect game on June 24th (he is having a mediocre season this year), has announced, through the NY Yankees organization, that he is entering alcohol rehab and his season is over.

I watched some of the press conferences this morning. Not a lot of rallying- around- our- guy- we- love- him stuff. The Yanks can’t afford to lose even a B-level pitcher at this juncture in their crappy season.

My guess is that the Yankees are staying ahead of a related, and likely difficult, legal problem with German. We’ll see.

August is notorious for slow news. That includes stupid articles and features parading as news. This week The Washington Post published a feature entitled “An Abortion Ban Made Them Teen Parents.” I read the piece, a sick homage to abortion because of adults acting like selfish children, and it did not include any celebration for the courage the couple showed in the lives of the twin girls the 19-year-old gave birth to… the kids are beautiful, by the way.

No, a lack of access to abortion did not make this girl and the guy, now a US Air Force Airman, teen parents. Unprotected casual sex did. The photos of this family look kind of normal to me, though the photographer was unflattering to the couple and made their small home look like Beirut in the 1980’s. The glee of “wish I had an abortion” is not normal. Disgraceful.

The Wall Street Journal had an article today: “The Tragedy of Being a New Mom in America.” It discusses stats on mental health issues that have been inherent in adulthood and motherhood, forever.

But the article is a complaint about a lack of mental health services. No suggestions, no solutions, just a complaint. It will have people thinking twice about having a family, for the wrong wrong wrong reasons: two tragic anecdotes are jarring, but only one was about mental health.

Everybody has problems, we all do. It pains me now that young mothers suffer. But not everything can be cured, or remedied, or assuaged by “more resources.” Awful, yes. Sad, yes. So is cancer.

Both articles smack of being anti-family, WAPO most notably. I am a subscriber to both periodicals. My advice to their editors is try to find something useful to write about. Find real journalists, first. Stop frightening people; stop being nihilistic.

The credit downgrade is not a catastrophe, though at this trajectory it will be. Three elements were cited by the agency who took away the Triple A rating: an erosion of governance (Let’s Go Brandon!), a predicted three-year decline in financial stability, and the out-of-control deficit.

Surely cancelling student debt for rich kids will help that! I suggest selling stocks short. But that takes some nasty guts to do that and I don’t have the chops. Remember Bud Light? The SEC should investigate anyone who knew AB InBev board members relations’ stock holdings around that organized crime.

The Triple A rating is not just this administration’s albatross. Trump did his fair share of printing funny money, pre-Covid.

And speaking of my least favorite topic I can’t seem to avoid…

The democrats want him as the nominee. Every indictment is a paean to Donnie’s martyrdom. The frontal assault from a corrupt DOJ makes sense, if you are satanic. Watch them layoff attacking too many subordinates and co-conspirators in an attempt to collect damaging testimony. This all stinks to high heaven. Yes, we want accountability, but all of have eyes to see. There is a double standard. There are favored sons, no pun intended.

I won’t vote for Donnie under any circumstances. The democrats and their leeches in the media and storm troopers in Justice may have calculated incorrectly.

The more they martyr Donnie (and yes, it looks like the nomination is all but wrapped up for him), the better his chances of defeating anyone in 2024.

Then God help us all.

Peace. Out.

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