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Passing Thoughts on Culture in America

Most of us refuse to be offended on anyone’s terms but our own. I think I have a high tolerance level, so I am rarely shocked or surprised, though I reserve the right to be disappointed.

Ketanji Brown Jackson will be a solid addition to the high court. Not because she’s black, or a woman, but because she has experience as a defense attorney. There is much in our legal system (great though it is) that needs improvement, and a clear and pained eye of experience that KBJ will bring should be welcomed. This is Biden’s pick and KBJ has the chops and is well qualified. Stop complaining about the red herrings surrounding a very boring Senate Q&A: Biden stating that KBJ was subjected to vile and baseless accusations which coming from ol’ Joe is risible; defining a woman is better left to a dictionary and not an ad hoc sound bite; and the nonsense about child porn is bordering on a Democrat tactic of pure fiction.

I suspect that KBJ will be more conservative than most and today she deserves the benefit of the doubt. As long as identity politics and virtue signaling are in vogue, perhaps the next Supreme Court nominee will be a veteran.

Amazon has a dozen or so operating locations being unionized and there doesn’t appear to be a slowing of its ruthless efficiency. That’s a good thing and the choice of its employees. Warehouse work is donkey work and shift work is a scramble and fight every day.

The union sound bites are pure gold: “Bezos goes to outer space while we work in his hell on earth.” Genuine and effective. Bezos cannot pick up and move his operations as Amazon profitability is contingent on fast short service.

Bezos and his team may continue to fight the union hammer and tong but organizing is inevitable as the lowest rung on the economic ladder doing repetitive fungible work will always be somewhat abused in the name of service and production. I suspect that Bezos will soon let it ride – he has other ambitions, like the presidency. We could do worse. We have done much worse. Owning The Washington Post is an ancillary perk, too.

Boys playing girls’ sports. Ridiculous, and I cannot fathom with this is even discussable, let alone debatable. A close friend of mine shouted at me a week ago, “It’s only four!” when conversing about another governor caving to letting males compete in female high school sports, in this case Utah. I gently explained that it is not only four boys, it’s the four girls who got cut from their respective teams. It’s the four girls every meet or match or game who will not place because a boy beat them.

I would have more respect if a boy who wants to be a girl did so while competing as a boy. I am no doctor, but any boy has the benefit of testosterone coursing through his frame for years building larger and stronger bones and the capacity for dense muscles with little stored fat. He has never had a menstrual cycle or managed it with grace while still living and working in a high pressure social and economic environment of desired equality. Celebrating transgenderism in sports, the last true meritocracy we have in America, is dishonest.

Authorities, formerly known as attentive and responsible parents, have not been creative. No one wants to take away an opportunity from the transgender athlete. Let him/her swim in an outside lane and the times do not go into team scoring. Let him/her train with the team as good judgment allows. If we love our children, we want them to be their best, at their best, in the best environment and we include everyone. But common-sense dictates that a boy is not a girl. What he or she does with his or her life after majority is their concern, only. Godspeed.

BLM, the organization, not the movement, has been exposed as a tax fraud by the left-wing press, and the New York Times and Washington Post have mea-culpaed about the veracity of their original reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Next up the earth will stop spinning on its axis.

Biden made a syrupy speech from the Rose Garden yesterday about ghost guns, a term I never heard of in normal conversation a year ago. It was a naked head fake to his extreme left cronies and it was nothing more than PR. Gun control, as both the anti-gun and NRA call it, is a dead issue, thanks to the “defund the police” policy nonsense. Now the White House wants to distract thinking people with ghost guns, not crime, not relevant policy, not gangster worship or even an actor acting out in a booze filled furious slap leaching into social conscience as normal.

Statistics indicate that of about 2,500 ghost gun prosecutions last year, only 10% were actually used in a crime that wasn’t about mere possession or sale. That may be too many, but it is a drop in the ocean. There are plenty of gun laws on the books that are not enforced for a thousand bad reasons, but perhaps we can look in the mirror and slap ourselves for the stupidity and lawlessness we applaud in general, in violation of the social and cultural unwritten contract we have in our communities of acting in decency and good faith with each other.

Whitmer attempted kidnapping trial. Another unabashed waste of time and an FBI abuse of its imperative to investigate real crime. Two of four of the accused were acquitted outright, and the other two deadlocked by a jury of their peers. FBI political overreach, again. I pray for accountability and good people to rise above the political whoring and do the people’s work fighting, not manufacturing, crime.

Election Rules. The primary season is upon us and the new laws, rules, and regulations and oversight that spawned after the 2020 debacle will be put to its first broad test. Expect lower turnout. I reside in Georgia and though I am from New Jersey and know a thing or two about hardball politics, oh boy, these southerners are vicious.

In the Republican camp Governor Brian Kemp looks to prevail over former US Senator David Perdue, a Trump bootlicker, full-stop. Stacy Abrams is the prohibitive Democrat nominee and I hope she gets crushed in November. Herschel Walker is running for the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat against the incumbent, Democrat Raphael Warnock. TV commercials notwithstanding, this might not be close for the good guys.

I pray only citizens vote and can live with the crippling burden of producing a valid ID card to do so.

Elon Musk, please buy a majority share of Twitter. You are making media fun again. And probably more professional and less biased.

I saw a hilarious meme last week: “A seven year old can choose a gender, but an 18 year old can’t understand a student loan.”

Peace. Out.

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