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Killing the Bastard al-Baghdadi

United States Military forces, mostly US Army-types, cornered a rat bastard who was leading what remained of the caliphate ISIS, which was virtually decimated earlier this year.

As Trump said on national TV Sunday morning, this coward al-Baghdadi died screaming, crying, and whimpering like a baby, killing himself and three of his small children to avoid capture. Yes, a coward’s death.

He died like a dog. Good riddance.

Trumpet can and should trumpet this victory. In the immediate nature of things, this dead reptile was a more serious threat to the region and ultimately the world. By contrast, bin-Laden was a recluse, well- hidden in plain sight by our “ally” Pakistan.

We simply cannot kill those bastards fast enough.

Geo-political mistakes have been made routinely by the USA, and the Bush-Obama-Trump foreign policy trifecta will have bad repercussions, especially for our allies, for another generation. Political turnover is swift in our republic, and our collective memories are short, indeed.

It is the nature of our system. A wise sage once said the American system is terrible… except for all the others.

Want to worry about something? How about the selective headlines of purportedly straight journalism, calling this garbage eater al-Baghdadi, a murderous coward and international reprobate and criminal a “cleric” and a “scholar” and a “religious leader.” That is nothing short of repugnant. Thank you, Washington Post and Atlanta Journal Constitution, for showing your true colors.

And leave it to the out-of-power party to politicize the operation because its leadership wasn’t in the loop. Past protocol is waved like a bloody shirt and all the House Dems can do is criticize. No surprise there.

Maybe Mr. Bezos should get involved. It is his paper leading that charge.

Bottom line is that al-Baghdadi’s death is right and just. I still say we can’t kill those bastards fast enough.

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