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Belichick and Navy Football

Here are some quick hits and I almost want to bash my head in the wall.  This is no-brainer territory, but there’s such a wide swath of ignorance out there I need to keep things in perspective.


First, this Hunter Biden thing is a distraction.  As long as this indictment(s) stay in the news Daddy Biden remains vulnerable.  It’s as much a media diversion as Donnie Trump problems, although legally less problematic.  As I said in the summer in my July 27th blog, Hunter will take the fall to insulate Daddy, but it is just a distraction.  Hunter will never spend a day in jail, but Daddy may have to forgo running for reelection.

The world is blowing up, from Ukraine to Israel and soon to be the South China Sea.  And we are consumed with Trump and the Biden cartel.

I’ll get to Israel in a minute, but these Ivy League presidents who testified before congress last week are a special kind of stupid.  It shouldn’t be shocking that they believe their own blather, but it appears they really do, collectively, until the true power (money, of course) in university policy forces apologies and resignations.

The Ivy League is now the Bush League, rag-tag and unprofessional, and we can substitute marginal talent at the game with a lack of a moral center.

The MIT president appears, of the three, to have legit academic chops in the sciences, but it is clear that the former Penn president and the Harvard president are both DEI hires. In UPenn’s Magill’s case, her statements are proof that being a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean you are intelligent.  The Harvard prez has zero real academic chops except degrees from the echo chambers and it shows.

But that is an underlying cancer, not an immediate threat.    Their ignorance, apparently rehearsed, shows a lack of principled judgment:  no moral center of their own, and poor judgment that anyone of us buys their BS.  I wrote about the DEI spawn of the cancer of identity politics back in March of 2023.

In the immediate case the cause of their exposure is the war against Israel, and consistent anti-Semitism.  I won’t reiterate the obvious about Israel’s history, legacy, legitimacy, and right to statehood.  That won’t change anyone’s mind, especially the vulgar and ignorant who think “Palestinians” are innocent of anything because they are victims, mostly of their own lack of ambition.

An arm’s length friend posted a simple statement about “cease fire now” on Instagram.  I posted “release the hostages, first.”  The pure venom I received on Instagram about anatomically impossible (for me) things to do to myself represents the vulgar no-accountability of those who refuse to see the truth, and cannot reason because of a lack of a moral center, a witlessness to the fundamental difference between right and wrong.

We must acknowledge that if Israel does not keep pressing, hard, to eliminate Hamas, the Jewish state in the Middle East may cease to exist, and we Americans cannot allow them to die.

So, a cease fire for Palestinians?  Sure thing.  Release all the hostages now – that would show good faith (something they have never demonstrated) after their constant bad judgment, and that is a minimum standard. If Hamas (which rules Palestine/Gaza and has since 2007 and immediately outlawed elections) wanted to protect it own citizens, it would release the 100+ hostages.  Remember that at least two dozen are US citizens… we did more to return a basketball player for drug use from Russia than captured and innocent law-abiding folks who were likely tortured and abused.

Israel should and will continue to try to rescue its citizens from captivity and to bring the evildoers to justice.  No debate about a cease fire should be entertained.  Hamas started an act of war, brutal, vicious, and evil, and deserves nothing less than annihilation.  That goes for Hamas supporters, too. May they all rot in hell.

Yes, there are innocent Palestinians in harm’s way, and Israel will hurt their own military to navigate around these people as forbearance allows.  No one nation has the authority to tell them what they can and cannot do.

Evil is no longer in the shadows, as has been written.  Just ask the Bush League, formerly known as the Ivies.

The USA is currently in a proxy war with the evil elements of the Arab world (and still trying to embrace the good administrations), and also with the Russians in Ukraine.

US monetary and military aid to both Israel and Ukraine should be generous and continuous.

Shaking my head on this one:  democrats say publicly that republicans are holding up aid to Ukraine, which is asinine.  Part of legislation is effective compromise, and putting America’s southern border first in spite of Biden’s intransigence is a simple ask.  And necessary.

Biden has already established a poorly executed cut-and-run mentality, re: Afghanistan.  He is guided by polls and some insane look at the world as he wishes it might be.  Biden should execute his office as if he was going to be around longer than one election cycle.

Some things, like cancer, racism, and the Middle East, can never be cured, eliminated, or solved.  These things are mitigated by good judgment, careful management, and common decency.

What can be cured?  Ignorance.  But you have to want to learn.  You have to want to seek truth.  Read a book.  Do your homework. I blogged on this topic in July of 2020.

Okay, Bill Belichick.  I have a prediction, more like a suggestion.  Belichick may be the most gloried and successful pro-football coach ever.  Few will equal his trophy case.  But the Patriots stink and it looks like they need fresh blood.  Belichick is 71 and needs to go.

Hold the line… the Navy football program could use his wisdom.  His dad coached there for almost three decades and Annapolis is where Belichick first learned the game.

So Coach, go to Navy, after your Pats' season ends.  Work for free.  Guarantee them three years, build a top-notch staff and mentor a head coach for the future.

Yeah, football is a distraction, but we should support the service academies.  The Bush League, formerly known as the Ivies, ain’t worth the powder to blow ‘em away, in front of congress or on the playing field.  They are a distraction.

Peace. Out.

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