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Inside Investigations Need Outsiders

The last year has been difficult to comprehend politically, let alone explain. There are elements in the left wing, and the leadership of the democrat party, who insist that the truth is a personal construct and not an imperative. There may be off-shoots in respect to complexities in our human existence, but the most important truth is that evil exists and must be resisted, and that good and bad are fairly easy to decipher.

If you can rationalize any policy to a seven-year-old then you are probably on your way to taking a moral stand, infinitely higher than a simple legal one.

About 15 months ago a US Supreme Court opinion leaked about the emotional flashpoint of our time, overturning Roe v Wade. Forget that it did not outlaw the practice. Forget that Roe was poorly decided almost 50 years ago, an opinion espoused by the late great Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Forget that the moral decision that a vast majority of Americans support (at least some limits to the practice) should outweigh a perceived absolute legal right. Forget that no sane person can rationalize abortion in the main to a seven-year-old. Forget that once the moral stand is screamingly ignored, the only reasonable outcome is a legal compromise that protects some, pisses off others, and leaves Americans united only in their uncivil disdain for legitimately held strong ethical opinions.

And forget that the fencing surrounding the USSC building and denial of access for half a year was not to keep pro-lifers in the facility. It was to keep the crazies from desecrating an honored institution.

What is difficult to believe is that still no one knows (I should say will report) who leaked the decision of Dobbs. If Chief Justice Roberts had any hair on his ass he would have fired everybody in the building. That might not have flushed the cowardly leaker out, but maybe a sympathizer or three would have ratted the person or persons out when confronted with a late mortgage payment.

At the time, it was okay for the US Senate majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, to tell political enemies (his words) that because of Dobbs the justices – the justices – would “reap the whirlwind.” He gave credence and cover for crazy asshats to illegally march on the homes of judges, and that it is okay for the justice department to ignore those serial felonies.

Flash forward a year. A few weeks ago cocaine was found in some random place in the White House. Hoo-boy. The White House is the most secure and scrutinized facility in the world, and the Secret Service internal investigations “has no suspects.” I gotta call BS on that. Even the laziest TV viewer (like me) knows that coke has a signature, whether manufactured by, cut down with, additives, origin nation, prior confiscation, whatever. And the hapless Press secretary is fed crap, which she throws at the press, from her peer White House staffers as to where the junk was found.

That’s a helluva team Biden’s got there. By telling us they don’t have a suspect, they tell us who it is.

And then… the FBI surveils Catholic churches and won’t tell anyone why or hold those responsible to account. Get those damn Catholics! They’re domestic terrorists!

Can there be any doubt that the US Supreme Court detectives, the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Secret Service investigative arm are under the jackboot of leftist extremists, the media, and elected democrat leadership? Can you hear me, Chuck Schumer?

Someone knows who violated the US Supreme Court trust and faith mechanisms. At least two people do. Bet on it. The White House cocaine nonsense is a silly distraction, but they have a huge (with a capital H) investigative mechanism for that, too. A couple people must know…

The FBI knows not just who ordered the surveillance of Catholic churches, it knows why. And what did the FBI find, by the way?

The press yawns, hoping we’re distracted by nonsense.

It has been said that dictators don’t need guns, they need sheep.

"There’s nothing to see here, at the USSC, the White House, or the FBI."

Keep moving along, sheep.

Peace. Out.


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