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Pro-Abortion People Lose Their Spleens and Minds at Same Time

Thomas Sowell: “Activism is a way for useless people to feel important, even if the consequences of their activism are counterproductive for those they claim to be helping and damaging to the fabric of society as a whole.”

Normally a Thomas Sowell quote would be sufficient to give everyone pause to collect their thoughts, but I am inclined to elaborate.

The apparent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe, long overdue, is sending the pro-aborts into massive distress, so much so that they are attacking pro-lifers, protesting outside justices’ homes, spray painting churches and generally acting like depraved rioters.

Roe will lay on the ash heap of other bad Court decisions, like Dredd Scott, Plessy, and someday Kelo.

Pro-aborts will say that over 60% of Americans think there should be no, or limited, restrictions to abortion. So, what are they afraid of? Overturning Roe sends the greatest moral issue of humanity from judicial fiat directly to the legislature, where it belongs.

Spray painting churches will not change hearts and minds. These “activists” are the same idiots who burned down former great cities like Portland and Minneapolis, while tearing down statues all over the nation. They are mindless unemployed morons and we can only pray they do not reproduce.

An ideology that treats the unprotected and innocent child in the womb as an enemy of freedom to be killed is deviant and evil.

Here’s a harsh truth: women do not want to abort children. Women get abortions because they see a bleak future, or they are not loved and supported, or some guy is praying that the child dies. Or all three.

To every man out there who supports abortion, especially if it is your child, you are a coward and less of a man and do not deserve a woman’s love.

Mistakes and horrible crimes are thrown together in order to dramatize a perceived freedom to take precedence over a living unique fetus. But life isn’t fair, and justice is often a cruel decider. Terrible things happen to good people all the time.

But women are heroes, always have been and always will be. By applauding abortion people are saying that women are desperate and are not capable of heroism and self-sacrifice.

I watch both CNN throughout the day, and The Five on Fox. Other than that it’s The Economist, The 1440, NRO, and the Blue State Conservative. George Will, Kevin D. Williamson, Conrad Black, Victor Davis Hanson, and Peggy Noonan are favorites. That’s a fair spread, and there’s lots of real crap out there.

But one blurb on CNN got my Irish up yesterday. A CNN talking head (they are all the same to me) was interviewing the author of a 17-year-old bestseller “Freakanomics.” Excellent stuff, worthy of reading even though it is somewhat dated, but I will paraphrase.

The CNN guy stated that Freakanomics purported that abortion in the 70’s, when Roe was the rage, lowered crime in the 90’s. CNN drippingly implied that abortion lowers crime… kill poor babies and they can’t kill each other. Everybody wants to fight crime, right?

To his credit, the co-author, Steven Levitt, disputed the characterization, dismissing the CNN flunky by stating that better policing, schooling, and stronger families reduce crime to a larger degree. Remember the summer of 2020 and the cancer in our cities today? That’s policy, not poor people breaking the law.

The point is that the argument by pro-aborts that poor people will be harmed the most by overturning Roe is implying that poor people need more abortion. That is an abomination.

That is political virtue signaling supporting genocide of black and brown people. That is the mission of Planned Parenthood and has been since its inception a hundred years ago.

My church had police protection this past weekend, and a few activities were canceled outright.

Activists beware: your criminal support for a criminal enterprise will not be tolerated.

Recognizing that women are heroes is the most pro-woman stand Americans can take.

See you at the polls. Peace. Out.

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