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I Call B.S. Cori Bush's "birthing person" comment is not important.

About a week ago Cori Bush, a freshman congresswoman from the 1st district in Missouri, testified before her peers and was widely derided for using the term “birthing person” instead of mother or woman.

Although there was much to mock in her talk, the press of both blue and red stripes missed the real message from Bush: is a doctor is at fault, it’s because of racism, not competence.

We are all losing our minds.

Although Bush referred to herself as a mother in her testimony, her ignorance and grievances were equally profound – even life threatening.

She stated that her obstetrician did not listen to her complaints, which were substantial. Her first child was born prematurely as a result.

After the doctor admitted a mistake in diagnosis, Bush became pregnant again and stuck with the same physician. No reason given.

The same symptoms came back and the tale meanders a little, alleging Bush was “told to go home and self-abort” as there was “nothing that could be done.” An allegation of a racial slur was made at this point.

The high point of the testimony is Bush’s sister throwing a chair down the hallway. Then, apparently, the doctor and team “listened.”

I call B.S. Unless this was some flea-bag clinic of racist incompetents (as alleged), no medical team reacts to violent displays of frustration, however warranted, by changing a diagnosis. Total B.S.

Sure, the high drama of chair throwing is good theater in testimony, but it has too many flaws to be believed. It legitimizes violence if a doctor tells you what you do not want to hear. She alleges that the “system” denies humanity to black women. What system, obstetrics? Then she insinuates that racism is at the root of medical care.

All her allegations can be verified easily, even after two decades, and I hope someone does. I call B.S.

As to the system denying humanity to black women, Bush could have enhanced her credibility after that “birthing person” canard by stating the tragedy of 57% of all African American pregnancies ending in abortion.

They are not birthing persons. They are black women. And they are mothers.

Bush, at 44, is young for national politics and she also happens to be an RN. She has certainly learned quickly that being a victim is a winning democrat strategy. Bush offers no solutions except to soapbox and vow to fight for black women. Well, she can start with the most vulnerable ones… the children, born and unborn.

In a larger medical profession sense, democrats think that nationalizing universal healthcare will improve competency and effectiveness of doctors.

Except the racist ones, if there are any. What democrats, especially woke people like Bush, want is that no one get sick or die.

Bad things happen. Doctors misdiagnose all the time, and some even have a terrible bedside manner. Bush and the democrats want to marginalize and control the medical profession… just like “defund the police.”

For shame. I call B.S.

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