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Many friends have purchased the Kindle version already… thank you! May I ask a favor? Please post a review on Amazon and Goodreads when you get a minute.

BED BUG STEW, Tales and Poems on Roots, Revenge, Redemption, and Baseball is now on Pre-sale. All royalties, 100%, during the presale period go to veteran support groups. The books will be delivered starting November 18, 2023.

Go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Xulon Bookstore websites to get your pre-order in, now! Don’t forget to read the TWO excerpts below!

A couple excerpts:

From the short story, Fanelli’s Magnet

The crazy problem was the ozone layer. Mother Nature does not consort with human plans, and a perfect storm of an active once-in-a-millennium sun burst generated a weakened thread in the high and low ozone. The excess laser used in one massive blast ran counter to the proscribed physics and limitations and created a tear in the ozone layer. That really got the world’s attention.

And that of the mullahs. The polar caps began to melt by feet and not inches rapidly and the Saharan and Arabian desert temperatures plummeted, all for almost four days. The speed of the temperature reversal was catastrophic. Flooding and freezing caused the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands worldwide.

The Iranian government abdicated in a spasm of surrender to the end of times. Iran became, overnight, an anarchy, but a nascent one, complete with a now free but dishonest competing press. Democracy was impossible at this time as the military took over. The internal civil war had begun, and overtures of open hostilities toward Israel dominated the western news cycle.

From the poem, I Met a Guy From Jersey

I met a guy from Jersey,

Well, he met me, anyway.

Unhappy in his sandwich work

As I shuffled with my tray.

I wanted something really quick,

Didn’t think about the meal.

He noticed my college emblem.

Then he said, “You get the deal.”

“What deal is that?” I asked him.

He scowled that it didn’t matter.

“You went to school in my hometown.”

Then he grinned but just got sadder.

“I left that place decades ago,

My mother and father still there,

But then Mom passed and Dad just stayed.

I wish I had brought him here.”

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