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Rioting vs. the Well Regulated Militia

Why isn’t there more outrage over the rioting? Because it doesn’t fit the democrat and its PR extension, the media, narrative.

There is no moral authority in any of these criminals in a riot, and all illegal gathering that inhibits others’ rights is by definition unconstitutional. These sad excuses have no purpose to their lives whether they are blocking traffic, spray painting profanities, tearing down statues, looting, or setting up little fiefdoms of filth. Political leadership continues to fail.

The rioters call themselves peaceful demonstrators, but I’ve seen enough of their version of peace and I ain’t buying it. It will take decades for residential and commercial real estate values to return, if at all. The poorest pay the most, again.

What separates you and me from rioters?

We have the virtue of common sense, good judgment, and the cooperative spirit of a people living together in peace. It’s the ultimate social justice, a faith in a system of equal rights with a massive dose of self-reliance and personal accountability.

We don’t really like our government and have little faith in it. For those of us who have a real faith system, good old-fashioned church/synagogue/temple-going kind, we have a greater expectation in the just results of our actions. The gubmint isn’t going to change anything. We have to change our hearts first.

Personal responsibility versus victimhood… The democrats want victims, identity focused on hatred of others, so they can pretend to fight for your tribe, a kabuki dance that has gotten no one anywhere. They are on the brink of nominating a man who, despite his clear mental loss of faculty, has been a Washington insider for nearly half a century. You know I am talking about Biden, right? A little joke we are not in on.

Either Biden hasn’t fought hard for identity politics, or he’s failed, or he’s completely ineffectual, or… he likes the contention and animosity and he has no intention, or power, to actually fix anything.

If front line law enforcement is further marginalized crime will be out of control and cities will become unmanageable with no-go zones and their ilk. Forget the cops right now, the real malignancy is upstream, the political and prosecutorial class, but that’s a discussion for another time.

LAW AND ORDER will become a rallying cry… from the left. The lawless agitation, and the media’s fawning over that cancer, will have a huge effect, as it has most recently in Atlanta where an 8 year-old girl was killed, shot in the head. The investigation is ongoing and the Mayor, former democrat shortlist VP possibility Keisha Lance-Bottoms, tearfully pleaded with the black community to stop killing each other. I say former because a month ago she was hot as a pistol and primed to be “it.” But she has not demonstrated any effective leadership since then, Atlanta is on the brink of being out of control, and, well, Hillary is always ready.

Interestingly, a few miles from downtown Atlanta where the 8 year-old girl was murdered by some crazy idiot, hundreds of self-proclaimed militia black gun owners marched on the periphery of Stone Mountain. They are gunned up, from the looks of it. They have a legitimate complaint and purpose as Stone Mountain is the traditional birthplace of the KKK, as reprehensible and disgraceful a band of criminals that ever existed, who single handedly thwarted Reconstruction and delayed for a century the full enfranchisement of blacks in the American Dream. Yeah, I lay it all at the KKK’s feet, and its political enablers though history.

And the militia is doing everything, at this writing, by the book. A permit and a path that can be supervised by LEO is clear and the walk is orderly. I suspect every one of these people has a legal carry permit and can prove it. Most Georgians do, y’all know.

I have said for years that after the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, the Second Amendment has done more for equality that 50 years of welfare.

Yes, inner city gun violence is a scourge and in the current climate it’s gas on the fire, and may require a draconian method of confiscation, as inner city gun violence is chiefly illegal ownership, hence illegal use, unskilled and immoral. That is not a contradiction.

The Stone Mountain Black Militia looks skilled, indeed, righteous and steady. I pray the situation stays that way. A leader in the group unfortunately taunted “white” people to join them or fight them. I hope it doesn’t come to that, and I would not bet on the Klan in that showdown.

This is a moment for a real leader of reason and vision to step forward… Lance-Bottoms and Stacey Abrams are not up to the opportunity. I know a couple veterans who could bring the respect of everyone to the process, and they know who they are.

As art, Stone Mountain is striking and beautiful. As a statement it is intimidating and far from conciliatory.

Stone Mountain is a monument to ghosts of a lost cause.

But is it a hill worth dying on?

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