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Protests? Originally podcast on Anchor July 27, 2020.

This is peaceful?

If you have a right to protest, the I have a right not to, and I can look at your motives with a jaundiced eye. What is at issue is the legality and effectiveness of these protests.

If they are legal, then I’m a supermodel.

First, the legality. Differing municipalities have different rule. In Fulton County, Georgia, there are three degrees of demonstrations, and the payment of a fee gets you the responsibility of an organizing permit in a confined area for a definite period of time. The “line” is drawn essentially here: events with less than 75 people for less than one hour on public property without hindering traffic or anyone’s ability to engage in personal business or commerce.

That is a pretty loose standard, and the groups I am associated with are well aware of this general line.

If we have more than 75 people or we need a public street for more than one hour, we get a permit and follow the rules. You know, like good conduct and no fire starting.

Please explain to me how Portland has issued permits going on 60-plus days. They haven’t, in case you are curious. Hence, illegal protests which I prefer to call lawless riots.

Some hay has been made on social media that a wall of moms and a wall of veterans are there to support the protests. Let’s see this play out.*

I know lots of moms and lots of vets who think Black lives matter, of course they do, but think rioters in helmets throwing rocks do not care about anything at all.

There is an alarming video clip of a giant vet wearing a Navy sweatshirt approaching officers in riot gear. They hit him with batons to little effect and then pepper spray him which gets his attention.

But the back story doesn’t get told. First, he was asked repeatedly not to approach the line of officers. They literally begged him. Second, there was a curfew imposed by the mayor that he did not obey… no one did, so let’s give him a pass on that. But he disobeyed a lawful and reasonable command so he could ask these LEO if they remembered their oath of enlistment or office. That was self-serving and wrong.

These are not lawful protests. These people, night after night, can’t tell you what they are doing. They are predominately white, liberal or leftists, and suffering from an expensive but inadequate education.

The joke is on them. Their degrees in sociology and women’s studies or some other soft skill is useless in a technological society. Very soon, if it hasn’t dawned on these knuckleheads already, they will realize that a college education is the Ponzi scheme of our time. These people cannot be a part of the American dream because there is no reward for their intense application in non-disciplines. They were sold a bill of goods and have nothing but crushing debt to show for it.

They are angry. They are confused. They want to tear it all down and it has nothing to do with Black lives.

Note that the NFAC made an appearance yesterday (July 26th) and had a safety mishap, serious but not fatal. It happens. I identify with this group, to an extent. They obey the law. They carry arms legally, meet with permitting requirements and stay within the process. More power to them, but it’s clear a better safety check is required.

Last, the effectiveness of these, uh, protests. Yes, they are effective… the Republicans will win every race if these morons keep this protest crap up.

*As of 8/12/20, there has been zero follow-up or reported activity for the “walls.” A lot of NYT and its ilk puff pieces more than two weeks ago, but the bloom is off that rose.

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