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President Harris as Temp

In February I predicted Biden would announce at the SOTU address that he would not accept the Democrat nomination for president.  I was wrong.

Fast forward to today.  I believe that by August he will not accept the nomination and that will require some rules karate.  The Dem convention will be thrown into left field as the current procedure does not allow Kamala Harris to simply “ascend” to the top of the ticket.  Each state will have to caucus and vote and the Chicago convention (which should be a real humdinger outside the walls) will have to vote and no party member is beholden to Harris.

The Dems will need an alternative to Harris. She would get creamed if she was the nominee.  Harris couldn’t win a dog catcher contest except for her caterwauling about abortion (cutely rephrased as reproduction freedom rights, bleegh).  Credit the Dems for distorted messaging and Republicans for no guts or ability to be creative.  More on Harris later.

Why?  Biden will fall flat at the debate with Trump next week, showing not his age as much as his obvious decline.  Trump will probably help Biden along by his normal boorishness, but people will be able to compare the two elder, uh, statesmen (that can’t really be what they are, can it?) and the undecided swing people will gravitate to the more energetic, if not a bit Loonie, Republican nominee.

                Israel’s determined war effort plods heroically, even as Biden shows much schizophrenia on his policy.  No matter.  Israel only needs the USA to stay out of its way and continue sending munitions.  Iran’s proxies continue to do their evil and the world yawns at organized cretins who deface our monuments.  Peace will only reign when all the hostages are returned, dead or alive, Hamas is eliminated entirely, and a commitment from Israel’s neighbors to live in peaceful co-existence occurs.

                Ukraine’s bravery is workman-like as Russia appears to be playing a long game of attrition.  The only peace in that region will be a negotiated one, with Russia given some land (the Crimea is already theirs, sadly) and Ukraine becomes a de facto DMZ.

The Ukraine problem gets pretzeled also as Russia taunts the US territorial waters off Cuba, 90 miles from the coast of Florida.  Russia is broke and their military production depleted, except for the continued largesse of the Chinese.  Yet the Cossack’s saber rattles…

                Yes, between the Middle East and Russia there is plenty to be concerned about.

                Now throw in the arrest of 8 illegals caught within our borders conspiring to bomb something.  We will be fed little intelligence as I am certain that dedicated LEO’s will root out more of these vermin, and soon.

                And Biden leads none of this.  He reacts to the political exigencies, and his “team,” such as it is, is only focused on the PR game of who-you-gonna-believe-us-or-your-lying-eyes.

                A year ago in August I predicted also that Hunter Biden would take the fall.  Hotmess Biden is a sideshow now, especially after a disgraceful attempt at a plea deal, suitably found guilty to the obvious, and the trials, or show, must go on.  The gun stuff which should have been pleaded out will now carry a minimum fine, no incarceration, and a big wink with a successful PR gambit of a doting dad supporting his errant 50-year-old son and his serial addictions.

The real trial for Hotmess Biden is in September.  He is accused of not paying $1.4 million in taxes, a federal crime, and when those boys wanna get you, they’re gonna get you.

                It is this pending trial that cannot marry with a legitimate presidential campaign.  The Biden criminal enterprise will be exposed, even if not charged.  The Big Guy will have to get the heave-ho before Hotmess walks into a courtroom… so the dominoes will start to fall in a couple weeks.

The convention will be “brokered” and Harris will be pushed aside… but not without her securing two big prizes:  the presidency and a future draft pick, so to speak.

My money bets that Gretchen Whitmer becomes the Democrat nominee, and if Michele Obama doesn’t take the VP slot they will find another woman of color if not qualification and run an all-female ticket.  It is less than a gamble than you might think.

                Biden will not make it to August as the nominee, but the real play is between August 20 and September 20.

                Biden will resign by late September for health reasons.      Harris will become the 47th president, but only for about 4 months, essentially a placeholder, yet she will have the title and be the first of the first.

That is the first consolation prize.  The second is, in the event the Dems actually win in November (quite possible) Harris, as ex-president and with a lot of gas in the tank, will be the first nominee for the USSC that comes available, an opening very likely to happen.

Mr. Biden won’t pardon or commute Hunter’s convictions.  President Harris will;  it’s part of the deal.

And our enemies, and we have many within and without, will continue to snicker and laugh at our fish belly foreign policy led by the inept.  I hope President Harris can handle the pending catastrophes in the Middle east, the Ukraine, and immigration crisis.

Peace. Out.


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