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New Contributor! Major General Colon D. Hardcase weighs in on politics! (And what a surprise...)

The current flock of Dem aspirants are meek, predictable, and afraid to offend or take a chance at middle-of-the-road policies.

Except Beto. He’s a complete idiot, clearly making it all up as he goes along.

Of course, there’s the three old people: Biden, Bernie, and the emerging Warren (The clips of Klobuchar calling her Elizabeth in a near mocking and condescending tone resonated with all y’all, right?) I have been shaking my head so much thinking about that geriatric lineup and the nonsense they spew that I can probably rotate my head 360 degrees on the slightest provocation, like coughing. I am now afraid to cough.

The Dems do have some interesting personalities there, but the media hasn’t zeroed in on one with the kind of amusement and bile they reserved almost exclusively for Trump in 2016. The media made him (God bless their derision) and now they blame the 60 million-plus people who voted for him, which was essentially voting against Hillary. Choose your poison, folks. Don’t deny the media elected Trump.

And they just might still take him down. Since they made him, they can break him, right? They sure are trying hard. Maybe too hard.

If the Dems are smart, and that’s a stretch, the head of the ticket will be a woman. A younger one, who will actually have to live through the next generation or two with the consequences of her leadership.

Probably Klobuchar, maybe Gabbard, we’ll see.

There, I said what everyone is thinking. Warren and Harris just aren’t likeable; they’re ingenuine.

Why? Sarcasm is sometimes amusing in men but often painful in women (Take note, Harris). People do vote for policy and judgment, and the Trump punch-in-the-face style is only amusing to a small slice of ‘Murica. The independent voters, who tend to be middle aged, hate it. Trump style isn’t flattering to Trump, let alone a woman who may try to imitate him.

It’s about votes and who-do-you-hate. The whole crop of Dems that are likeable enough are just weak.

But a woman at the top it must be, and Dems will probably muck it up with the wrong one.

Now gaming the Electoral College is always fun, and I have a prediction based on one state.

Trump loses in 2020 if the Dems flip Texas.

If all other states vote the same and Texas goes blue, Trump loses with 269 electoral votes.

Not far-fetched, guys and gals. Beto almost beat Ted Cruz, a genuine bright star, and if the Dems put Julian Castro in the VP slot and tell him to never leave Texas, get out each vote, drag Beto around for comic relief, get out each vote, learn some Spanish fercryinoutloud, get out each vote, suck up to Houston and San Antonio and El Paso, and please stop talking about guns, well… the Dems can flip Texas and win the presidency.

But who will be at the top?

The Dem field has no real gravity with the media, so it is possible that no one wins the nomination on the first ballot. The Democratic National Committee keeps monkeying with its own rules and getting backlash for trying to stack its own deck. They’re almost worse than Palestinians, who never miss a chance to miss a chance, working against their own interest because of a small cabal of self-enrichment geriatric patients (see paragraph three), defeating themselves when it looks like they could win.

A primer: The superdelegates that essentially wrapped up Hillary’s nomination in 2016 are now not allowed to vote on the first ballot of the convention. So unless one of the current field has 50% +1 of the elected delegates, this Dem convention party in Milwaukee will go to Round Two, elected delegates will be released, super delegates go to Plan B, and Hillary will rise like a fat Phoenix in a one tone pantsuit.

She gets the nomination by acclimation. Castro gets the VP nod for one aforementioned reason: Texas. The Hispanic name doesn’t hurt, either, but the Cuban population of Miami/Dade county will blanche when they see his name on the ballot.

Think the charade about the census counting illegals was altruistic? Sorry, people. It’s all about votes and the Dems are counting on the immigration identity south of the border will carry the day for a generation or two.

Hillary will campaign almost exclusively in the states she ignored in 2016, and may pick up a few of them. Her mea culpa.

But she won’t have to. Just flip Texas.

We can thank Beto for that earthquake. Or condemn him.

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