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Hillary Will Be On the Ticket... & Trump Does Not Have It Locked Up.

Updated: May 4, 2020

Hillary will be on the ticket, people. Bank on it. Whether she’s Biden’s number two or at the top herself, she is looking reasonable among the democrat cognoscenti. You’ll know she’s serious when she changes her state of residency to Arkansas (old girl!), Illinois (home state), or even Florida (tax haven for her riches).

Cuomo, you see, is hot as a pistol, image-wise.

Can’t have two people on a presidential ticket from the same state. The Dems will kick Biden to the curb, but not too soon. Look for a second ballot in August at the Dem convention. Clinton/Cuomo has a ring to it. Can’t you hear her screech, “I beat him once I can do it again!” It is the Dems’ best chance.

Wiser political pundits than me have thrown bright light on Trump’s chances for re-election, and they diminish every day.

The pandemic threw cold water on the economic orgy brought by this administration, and that prosperity alone would have helped him to the finish line in a walk. Not so, now.

The pandemic response and subsequent policy will be examined for years, but put me in the camp that says that Trump can’t control the virus any more than Fauci or Birx or the Easter Bunny. We learn more every day, and all reasonable people will utilize his or her own good judgment and common sense in when and how to re-engage publicly.

It’s a political loser, especially for state governors. If they hesitate, they’re pansies. If they speak up, loosen up, or open up, they risk lives. Government can’t win. I do applaud those governors who want to open up and adapt to the age of COVID-19.

The virus and the economy are going to get worse before they get better.

I miss Trumps’ daily pressers for the entertainment value although they did not enhance his, uh, presidential stature. The Dems can’t run on pandemic response, although we haven’t seen the depths of their PR baseness, so prepare for pictures in the Fall of deceased people of all color and age, and that it is Trump’s fault. We all know that life will go on.

People may not like the brash real estate mogul (an understatement), a political novice (it shows) and serial ball-breaker (a hazard of being a boss with no accountability). As a manager he probably asks a thousand questions a minute and only listens when a unanimous Greek Chorus tells him what will make him look good.

Last year he announced that he had directed all his cabinet officers to reduce their respective department’s spending/budget by 5%. A very typical business-boss move, sounded reasonable, and I liked it then. The cabinet did not. It did what businesses do when the boss tells subordinate managers to do something that would disrupt the trajectory of stroking friends, take years of planning and right-sizing, and not a little pain. The cabinet (generally) practiced selective disobedience.

Yet absent the pandemic, he is doing what he said he would do once in office.

Trump has many successes he should press hard: opioid reform, prison reform, building more “wall,” solid trade agreements, pushing allies to contribute more to their defense in treasure, embracing the oil boom and reducing to nil oil imports, a respected constitutional judiciary, and until recently record employment especially among the disadvantaged.

Here’s how the Dems lose, snatching defeat from the jaws of a potential victory: embracing every nutty idea as a means of sucking up to a so-narrow constituency that likely does not exist to self-perpetuate, drastic military reduction to appease our enemies who are not going away, attacking the Judeo-Christian tradition while appeasing Islam, treating abortion and child-birth as equally moral medical events, trashing fossil fuel and embracing wind and sun provided by political friends only while using taxpayer dollars to pay suspect third world governments to use fossil fuels, encourage a sexually confused though strident and noisy micro-minority to dictate what we say, do, think, and value, and treat New York bartenders and their ilk as if they are revelatory philosophers who understand the dynamics of Americanism, capitalism, and the pursuit of happiness. All of these positions in whole and in part are not going to be embraced by the rational voting public.

Trump may still win. There is a lot of runway ahead. But bet on a repeat of the 2016 contest, key players and all.

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