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Hello, Unwashed Masses and Deplorables!

Updated: May 3, 2020

I had taken a three month leave of absence for personal and professional reasons.

I cannot hold back any longer. I am joining the ranks of the rank mostly because the insipid House thought that impeachment would be the cudgel it needed in order to get Trump out of office. Ain’t gonna happen.

What is fascinating is that most of the raw verbiage used by the Democrat managers of this circus continue to use talking points written and exposed during the Russia fiasco. I guess good copy should never be wasted, however irrelevant. These are talking points from the Dems and the media we have heard for almost three years before the impeachment proceeding. Not exactly prescient legal work.

Everyone who is paying attention knows Trump tried to put the arm on the Ukrainian president, and, yes, to embarrass Joe Biden. So what? He should have said he did it right away, instead of treating his supporters like boobs and his detractors as frothing maniacs. It’s what I expect any president to do: root out the truth about American impropriety, punish his enemies, and get our allies who accept U.S. generosity to some semblance of actually “earning” our aid… aid we pay for in our taxes.

Who thinks that Biden did not do the same thing? Damning video evidence exists. Who thinks that Hunter Biden is a model of propriety? And who really cares about that poor excuse for a man, anyway? Either way, this just gets uglier and no one wins. Trump people are hardened in support; Trump haters still gonna hate. The middle of road people, and I doubt there are many, are likely unswayed and will lean to Trump. I said last year the Democrats should not have taken this bait on the Ukraine and should have never put all their chips on this bet. Nice signing ceremony, right? Good Lord.

Impeachment is an embarrassment, but what good is that to a man who cannot be embarrassed? Trump revels in this and will use it to get reelected.

For the record, this retired general has not watched any of this nonsense.

As to all the players, pundits, social media commentators, and analysts, large and small…

There is a reckoning to come, and it will begin on November 4, 2020, the day after the next presidential election.

Visualize the scenarios after a knock down drag out campaign season. It should be easy to do so in the current climate.

There are only two outcomes, but both have possibly varied effects.

Trump wins. Republicans will start to move away rom him. His initiatives domestically will receive little ardent support, because a second term is a lame duck term under the best of circumstances. Republicans will not need his air cover and will begin implementing their “After-Trump” plans to service their own ambitions. Or, Repubs and Dems start working together with a divided congress. Ahem.

Trump loses. Republicans now start to gallop away from Trump. The only problem in this case is no one believes he will leave the stage gracefully or graciously.

Much of the Trump-wins scenario hinges on whether the Dems take the Senate, or the Repubs take the House back. Divided government is good government. But if the Dems control both houses…

To paraphrase Lindsay Graham at the Kavanaugh hearings, “Boy, I know y’all want power. God, I hope you never get it.”

In all cases, whether Trump wins or loses, there will be a reckoning. On the left hand those who call Trump a racist and imply his supporters are, also. And on the right hand those who licked Trump’s boots. They will have much to answer for to their friends and families and the person who looks back at them in the mirror.

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