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Giving Myself a “Colon”oscopy: Hillary Now Goes Full Palestinian.

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Yesterday I said Hillary had the 2020 nomination in her pocket by forcing a few stars into alignment.

Forget it now. I think.

Hillary Clinton may be the worst loser, and worst kind of loser, in American political history. And that is quite a distinction.

She never misses an opportunity to try to win by pretending to lose, and now she has joined the ranks of the truly delusional and called a bright star in the Democratic fold a Russian asset.

As if the whole world didn’t already realize that she, and her old boss Barry O, were behind the Russia hoax that nearly took down Trump (and he’s still trying to make that look viable by being a complete moron in respect to foreign cronyism).

So she goes full conspiracy theorist, painting Tulsi Gabbard as a spy and lumping Jill Stein in the same porridge. Her widely broadcast statement shows how clearly demented, self-serving, and nakedly ambitious this former Secretary of State (I still don’t believe that) still truly is.

Watch the next 72 hours after the weekend passes… Watch Gabbard jump high in polling and fund raising. Watch Dems like Klobuchar and Buttigieg jump to Gabbard’s defense.

More importantly, watch how Team Hillary tries to spin this nonsense. She makes the Witch of the West look glamorous. She even makes Trump look like a great sportsman and a giant of integrity.

Forget a third-party candidate. This may help Trump’s reelection more than Avenatti helped Kavanaugh.

Hillary could have been the 2020 consensus candidate. As a wise sage put it: The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. HRC has gone full Palestinian.

It’s “Hill”arious. I think she needs either an intervention or an AA meeting.

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