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Democrat Convention 2020, a Prequel, Originally aired on Anchor August 11, 2020.

First, a shoutout to my friend The Blue State Conservative, Pat Whalen, who posts strong polemics on the issues of the day, more thorough than mine, and his work is worthy of your time. Look it up: .

In the next two weeks we are going to see something extraordinary in domestic politics. Earth shattering is how the mendacious and reckless media may describe it but let me set the stage.

I am maintaining my position, now admittedly remote, that even at the 11th hour with the Democratic Convention next week, even now the narrative to elbow Joe Biden aside is being polished.

This is narrative as opposed to the truth, the new element in our public discourse and cold reporting of facts. The democrats say Trump lies, their narrative, and the republicans say the democrats incite anarchy by tacit approval of rioting, or worse gaslighting the situation, their narrative, also.

For instance, the Speaker of the House called federal agents protecting a federal courthouse during a 60 day siege and incessant assault, “stormtroopers.” The only thing she didn’t say was who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

In conjunction with the dump Biden elements is the breathless handicapping of who will be Joe’s running mate. Today it’s a moot point as it is reported that “the decision has been made.” What is obvious is that requiring a woman of color is both sexist and racist, as that would be the primary qualification, which tells you all you need to know about that party.

I had early money on Keisha Lance-Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, but she bungled the rioting in her city and a child was murdered in broad daylight because of her weak woke response to clear bizarre and unlawful behavior. It will probably be Harris, but who cares? She is a safe pick as VP, but also safe as a front runner… more on that.

I still think Hillary will muscle her way on the ticket, and I have maintained that for over a year. I can hear her rally cry: “I beat him once I can do it again.” Be prepared to be surprised.

All of this happens in the next ten days, while the democrats in general have already lost the election.

First, there has been no legitimate groundswell from democrat leadership on the protests, which are largely now foolish, pointless, and illegal. No condemnation, just appeasement, and cowardice by appeasement will not be rewarded at the ballot box.

This is anarchy, friends, plain and simple. The democrats are complicit and all because they hate, viscerally hate, Trump. People need more than hate to vote. You may vote against a candidate and hold your nose and vote the other way, but most adults don’t vote for crazy.

Second, Trump beat the dems at their own game of “executive order,” a practice of questionable constitutionality, but who follows the law around here anyway? Trump the populist has the initiative, the bully pulpit, and is forcing the narrative down to helping the little guy or gal with cash. He sounds more like Elizabeth Warren than Elizabeth Warren.

He flipped the democratic narrative. It won’t fly, but as long as the market creeps up, jobs increase, and people can eat, Trump will win despite a pandemic, a hysteria that democrats desperately want to blame on Trump, as if he could beat Mother Nature. He can’t. Neither than the democrats.

Third, the Department of Justice isn’t done holding people accountable for abuses of power in Russia-gate, the Flynn frame-up, and the Ukrainian nonsense. That one piece will stretch out for a long time.

Partisans will vote early when they can. But until late October many people will only pay attention to their ability to pay bills – which Trump has positioned himself as the reasonable adult in the room, which is quite a feat. Wait until the mail-in ballot propaganda gets into full gear.

The democratic convention next week will be virtual with regular people telling regular stories about how one person, Trump, ruined their lives in three-plus years. Stage managed, scripted, and although I do not doubt the sincerity of people willing to speak in public, it will all be nonsense.

The de facto figurehead of the party, Joe Biden, has been in Washington, DC, for almost fifty years and now he’s woke, lurching so hard left his cognition allows Tourette-like outbursts on Black republicans not being Black, reporters taking drug tests, and a backhanded slur on both the Latino and Black communities in trying to draw an unformed distinction, as if that was appropriate for anything but a Klan rally.

All of this would have disqualified a dog-catcher from killing fleas as a side hustle. At least with a mask on he can’t sniff hair.

Joe gets elbowed out, folks. The democrats struggle to demonize Trump and wrestle with trying to appear steady, mature and, well, normal. They can’t have it both ways.

Say what you will about Trump, but he does what he says he’s going to do. He is transparent, maybe too much so.

But can anyone articulate the democrat position, their platform? Bernie Bros can. They wrote it.

If the dems had any real courage, any at all, they’d nominate two women on the ticket.

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