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BBS Excerpt Four (One and Done)

BED BUG STEW, Tales and Poems on Roots, Revenge, Redemption, and Baseball is now on Pre-sale. All royalties, 100%, during the presale period go to veteran support groups. The books will be delivered starting November 18, 2023.

Go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Xulon Bookstore websites to get your pre-order in, now! Don’t forget to read or listen to an excerpt below!

Bed Bug Stew: Tales and Poems of Roots, Revenge, Redemption and Baseball.: Horgan, Kevin: 9781662885969: Books


I just attended my first and last New York Yankees Fantasy Camp in Tampa, Florida, at the Yankee spring training complex. This is a first-class operation: there is no skimping on doing it the right way.

I enjoyed all of it, except the pain and humiliation. It was worth every nickel and exceeded all my expectations in every regard.

Everyone was chill, friendly, and a little preoccupied with their own problems of inadequacy to care about me at all.

In preparation for a week of playing eight nine-inning games in four days I ran, off and on and mostly off since September, with a one-month hiatus for Covid round two, in cleats on a local park ballfield outfield grass, 90 feet off, 90 feet on, etc. More than jogging, less than sprinting, more like loping, or at least what a water buffalo could do if properly motivated by imminent death.

I love baseball, the game, the pace, the individual who must perform within himself to the level of his teammates’ expectation. The internal rhythm, as has been written, the summer air, the unforgiving game of mistakes. All of it.

I haven’t played organized ball in 48 years and boy oh boy did it show. On the best day of my life I was a B-minus player, and I probably had only one such day in 1975, long forgotten. Downhill from there, I’m afraid. I have always been more enthusiastic than talented in all sports, but my memory has been very very very foggy as to the details of my limitations.

This is how bad I was in 1975, my senior year in high school where I rode the pine to a sophomore catcher who was lights out terrific. One good friend wrote in my yearbook the following: “Dear Horgan, you’re a good hitter, but you suck as a catcher. Your friend, John Jones.”

Bed Bug Stew: Tales and Poems of Roots, Revenge, Redemption and Baseball.: Horgan, Kevin: 9781662885969: Books

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