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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

BED BUG STEW, Tales and Poems on Roots, Revenge, Redemption, and Baseball is now on Pre-sale. All royalties, 100%, during the presale period go to veteran support groups. The books will be delivered starting November 18, 2023.

Go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Xulon Bookstore websites to get your pre-order in, now! Don’t forget to read an excerpt below!

Excerpt from “More Than She Could Chew”

Brian sighed, shoulders slumping a fraction.

Sarah recognized him now. The blazer, tie, and pocket square were like a uniform the man wore every day at his work at a furniture store in the mall where he was a floor sales rep. Sarah never saw more than one customer in there any day she came for lunch at the food court, and she knew the store had gone out of business before Christmas last year. Sarah had passed the showroom a couple times a week back when it was open and it was invariable empty, Brian Beheny walking in a slow random pattern through the overstocked furnishings, alone, with no diversion for the shock of hair and head cast downwards. His blue blazer with red accents now looked threadbare up close. He was older than his 50’s, too. Closer to 70 years old.

And he was terribly thin. She thought absently that he probably didn’t eat regularly.

“Well,” Brian’s folksy formal drawl from nowhere near bubbled up, “That sounds intriguing, but I am not much of a buyer these days. Let me tell you about my book, if I may.” He handed her his work.

From the back page:

BED BUG STEW Is two books in one volume!

First is a compilation of short story fiction and poetry on a wide range of subject matter: science fiction, messages from the heart, and a little terror thrown in. You will laugh out loud and shed a tear, and you will remember all the characters and their flaws, strengths, motivations, and sometimes the depths of their souls.

You will meet a senior citizen who hears other people’s thoughts through his hearing aids, a football coach who shuns interviews, a widow who changes her life for one that she loathed, a mason whose soul has been crushed, a man who claims to have been in thousands of movies, and a ballplayer whose best moments were off the field.

And many many more…

The second book is the author’s first-person account of his attendance at the New York Yankee Men’s Fantasy Camp in January 2023. Yes, it is hilarious.

Get a copy for yourself, your favorite reader, and that particular Baseball fanatic in your life (or all of them! There is something for everyone!).

BED BUG STEW is an adult collection, not to be compared with my other venture in illustrated children’s books… which are available on Amazon, exclusively.

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