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Banana Republic

Donald Trump has been found guilty on 34 counts in a New York courtroom after the jury deliberated for less than 12 hours, which my Fred Flintstone math tells me is less than 20 minutes per charge, including head calls and requests to the judge and court stenographer.

Even though the vast majority of legal claims wouldn’t stick to a democrat’s shoe, Donnie is held to a bizarre extra-legal standard.

Trump has brought much of this on himself.  He is still, as I have written before since 2016, a tragic/comic figure.  He was convicted before the trial began.  Some crack legal team Donnie has… he shouldn’t pay the bill.

In a previous case, Donnie was ordered pay a fine of over half a billion dollars because he inflated his assets on a loan application, even though the loan was paid in full as per the terms of the contract.  No one was defrauded.  Loans from big banks are not binary, friends, especially for obscene amounts of money.  No one was screwed here, except for Donnie.

In another instance, the Georgia case (which I believed to be the strongest) is in flames only because the DA, Fani Willis, showed her true colors and was caught.  She should be disbarred.

In the laughable whopper of the documents case, which should be front and center except for the similar and more egregious pattern of misconduct of our president #46 who was found to be too old and incompetent to defend himself.  “Joe the Feeble Minded and Not a Criminal” is quite the campaign slogan, right up there with “Joe is Loaded” and no amount of creative accounting can determine the source of the Biden family wealth.

But, yeah, Donald Trump brought much of this on himself.

The sad truth is that most important issues can’t be debated now, not for months.  All the media air will be devoted to “will he go to jail” or a combination of incarceration, fines, and probation, and real or imagined constitutional crises.

Nothing of substance will be discussed until the sentencing portion of Trump’s legal woes.

It is premature to state that Donnie will get re-elected as president, a martyr to the MAGA cause.  There will be more earthquakes, some awful, some risible.

And Team Biden will likely benefit, for the most part, although I reserve the right to push my prediction that Joe will not be the nominee by September.

A year ago I swore I would not vote for Trump again.  There are a thousand simple reasons, from his being too unserious about doing homework on issues, or too lazy to know what the law is, or too indifferent to history and the proper role of government, or just being plain icky.  I will give Donnie this:  he is strangely curious and entertaining, like a car on fire in an empty lot.

I used to think that no one could be undecided on whom he or she would vote for between the choices of really bad and much much worse.

A month ago that needle moved for me, mostly because Biden is a serial divider, calling republicans and conservatives racists and rotten.  Biden is evil, in my book.  He should look in the mirror except he probably would not be able to identify himself in the reflection of the glass.

Our nation’s discourse is barreling into the realm of a third world country where political opponents are pilloried and imprisoned on trumped up charges (no pun intended), and when the duly elected government does not follow the nation’s laws (specifically on immigration) or seek reasonable compromise on contentious issues (like abortion). 

Biden’s third slogan could be, “You gonna believe me or your lying eyes?”

This media/political carnival takes Israel, Ukraine, the South China Sea, fentanyl, the border, crime, and fiscal irresponsibility right off the track of journalistic integrity.

A reasonable discussion of fitness for office of Biden (he never was) and Trump (he never will be) well, that discussion is at least delayed.  There is so much disinformation out there that no outlet is trusted, no outlet is to be believed.  Russian disinformation is likely woven into the fabric of our internal discourse.

When I heard the verdict yesterday, I told myself, in anger, that I would vote for Trump, holding my nose and my breath at the same time.  I may change my mind, as it is not yet June with over five months to go before election day.

I still maintain that Biden won’t be the nominee even as the sands are shifting in his favor, today.

Donnie brought some of this on himself, yet there is a lesson for all of us:  if they want to get you, they are gonna get you.

Do you trust your government?  The DOJ? The FBI?  Do you have faith in our newly christened Banana republic?

Peace. Out.

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