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The NRA, Defund, and Confiscation of you-know-what

“They will come for your guns and you might just hand them over.”

Three current lines of thought…

First, the whole defund police, antifa, and thinly veiled communist campaign of terror cannot work if the citizenry remains armed. What is happening in Portland and to a lesser extent in other urban areas will require everyone in the effected area to disarm eventually.

The madness of masked protestors who turn into rioting zombies at night is intended to create chaos and the people in these communities will eventually acquiesce to the terror. All sides will come for your guns.

The same people who elected the cowards in political office in Portland, etc., will cry that any price for peace is acceptable. A system that defunds or reduces policing will require the cooperation and consent of its governed to disarm.

It’s madness, but it is on the horizon and cannot be denied or ignored.

Second, a day ago the Attorney General of New York filed a civil suit to dismantle the NRA. She probably has a good case, but even a gun-hater can see through the political motivation. This is a prime example of the prosecutorial class running amok. The devil is in the details.

Although we are not privy to the NY AG’s next steps, the freezing of accounts and the seizure of assets will be threatened, handcuffing the NRA into not making election campaign expenditures. It is too early to comment on the efficacy of her contentions, but the timing is impressive for a student of Machiavellian power. And quite sobering.

It is joked that Obama’s presidency was a boon to gun sales and that this “Summer of Love” – you know, protesting for its own sake, mindless rioting, arson, destruction of revered statuary, and seeing a racist under every rock – that in this “Summer of Love” gun sales have exploded, especially for first time buyers.

All of these have been legal sales, are registered, and all are on the federal radar, easy to point out the persons in the foreseeable future and isolate them and target for confiscation. There might be a valid argument for too many guns out there at this point, but for my money you can’t have too much ammunition.

What the NY AG does not appreciate is that the NRA is not a monolith but the sum of its millions of members who both donate and vote. Maybe the NRA leadership bought one too many first-class plane tickets and maybe its donations will taper off in the light of this civil suit, but the attack on the NRA will only harden the resolve of us, its members.

We do not run, we do not hide, and we do not wear masks to conceal our identity. We will vote.

Third, the “defeat Trump” campaign. There is no real democratic electoral plan because all the dems do is rally around one idea: they despise Trump. Anyone who supports him is a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, crazed gun fanatic. Biden, whether you think him lucid or not, stated this week that he will take assault rifles “off the street” during his presidency. It’s a campaign slogan that has a proven negative net effect on swing voters.

Let’s face it. Long guns are fun to shoot, and most crime is committed with handguns, not what the ignorant call assault rifles.

The democrats would garner more respect if they held a position that all unregistered weapons in Chicago would be confiscated house-to-house and that straw buyers would be charged with a felony. That might actually reduce violence in an uncontrollable environment.

One acute problem with blanket confiscation is the pesky Second Amendment. I have said many times that after the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, the Second Amendment has done more for equality than anything in the past century. A forced confiscation in Chicago should be explored but would likely take needed personal protection away from the law-abiding, too.

The reality is that there are 30 million-plus gun owners in the United States, and only one million law enforcement officers and 2 million active duty military. I don’t like those odds to attempt to confiscate weapons.

But the democrats are going to try.

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