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The Immunes.

Updated: May 3, 2020

The following has been approved for wide distribution by the New Zealand Committee of Peace.

August 2057

Time travel into the past for inanimate objects tested and successful. Time travel (TT) into the past for organic matter still being tested. Acute problem of randomness of location, yet time is specific. Only validation is a three second view.

September 2057

Validation of TT is now one hour. Corona Virus 3 has been used as antidote to Corona Virus 1, and sent to random location verified as a town north of Atlanta, Georgia, of the former USA.

October 2057

First sample of organic matter moving in TT in the future has been attempted and is successful. Same location in Georgia, which has an unknown pressure system that allows our now nearly unfettered and unrestricted access. No trials are being made to move humans there at this time.

The New Zealand Committee for Peace has made this TT a priority. Immunes cannot replicate fast enough.

November 2057

Breakthrough. The following journal was discovered on the last TT to Georgia.

It is now being published, in print, from an old type of handscript of that era, without major edit through Magi-stream to all receivers.


Aug 20

I am immune. As such I am volunteering to help deliver packages and mail and bring food and supplies to shutins in the neighborhood. The whole TP thing was a joke. People are making do through their grief and anxiety.

Sept 20

The losses have been staggering. Two million people, so many that funeral homes cant keep up. NG in masks have been collecting bodies and communal burns have been the norm. Soot and the acrid smell are now routine in much of America, though not here thank goodness. TV is sporadic. Gossip is now news.

Oct 20

The election will go on, but on line or by mail or by drop off. Problematic. What is staggering about the disease is that the 1% rate is holding, but it now appears that recovered people may get it again! If you can believe social media it is part of a plot to destroy capitalism by the Chinese. At least that’s what Trump says. Campaign rhetoric? Or just an excuse to win re-election. I think they are doing everything they can, but you cant beat Mother Nature. I’m 66 years old now and cant keep up with my duties in the neighborhood. Life losses have doubled month to month.

Nov 20

Election Day, and Biden/Harris ticket wins in a rout. Trump says he’ll take the results to court. I almost feel bad for him… he can’t control the lies (his and his enemy) any more than he can control the virus.

Pregnant women who have been determined immune will likely carry immune babies, thank God. It is unknown if those who had the virus and are now asymptomatic will deliver immune babies. Unknown. Rumors about ‘search and destroy’ abortions of unborn because they may carry the virus is rampant. Awful.

Blood is being drawn almost exclusively from the Immunes, who are providing almost all essential services from food distribution to brain surgery. Instead of a 53 day cycle, it is now 30 days. Many preventable deaths six months ago are now inevitable. Priority goes to Immunes, whether they do road repair or cancer care.

Schools are on line. Most of the Immunes must do labor as the Infected must remain in self-quarantine. Martial law is now the norm inner city.

Dec 20

Trump attacks China with nuclear weapons which means little since 90% of that country has either died from the virus or been overrun by North Koreans and Russians. Rage and looting control much of oriental Asia. Russia, India, Japan, all of them just laid down. Devastating. Trump’s evidence has been compelling but only Fox and CNN are broadcasting any news now.

Civilians breaking the national curfew were shot in NYC last week, and it made people stay home there. Civilians were also shot in Pittsburgh and Atlanta and Dallas, and those folks fired back with big effect. Trump asked for cooperation of curfews and ordered a no shoot policy but said that rioters will be dealt with forcefully.

Reasonable estimates are that 22% of the population is Immune. All of us are conscripted in one way or another.

Life losses in US doubled again, and again. Now over 34 million.

Jan 21

Electricity has been steady but gasoline is rationed and natural gas with a poor repair system has been shut down in most areas. Home heating oil is a huge commodity.

Local community cooperation is very good, even spiritual sometimes. Large government is flaunted by being ignored or outright defied.

Migration to warmer climes has been steady for Immunes, but one of Trump’s last acts appears to be a “no migration in or out” order which probably cant be enforced. Pres elect Biden has been positive for the virus for two weeks, and he looks terrible on TV. His incoherence appears normal, though.

Our neighborhood in Georgia is flourishing. Immunes like me are doing basic maintenance and deliveries around the plan which has about 400 homes. No gas for routine car use, so I organized our own ‘fleet’ for grocery shopping and am using local ration chits for the food and sundries stores. The NG and army presence (all immunes) helps keep everyone unselfish.

It’s hard for me to watch the virus continue and spread and replicate among people who have already had it. Rumors of suicides, but none here. Looks like it never leaves you, or should I say, them. Sunshine helps relieve pain. Hot beverages. Alcohol, too, which is now virtually free.

Have to go to work. Exhausted.

Feb 21

President Biden died on Groundhog day. New Pres Harris, a confirmed Immune, is fighting a populist effort to have all immunes ‘tattooed’ to show their ability to move freely and to perform services for infected who get sicker and less mobile each new infection. Looks like by the 4th iteration the infected cannot speak and can only sleep and walk a few steps a day. They get sicker all the time. And I’m still Immune and feel massive guilt.

Celebrated my 67th birthday yesterday alone and didn’t tell anyone and am working for my neighbors 15+ hours a day on my feet. Back is hindering me and am in constant pain. I have dizzy episodes and sometimes just sit on the street and the

Infecteds scream at me to find and fetch light bulbs or eggs or something and mostly just crap.

My confidence fades. I am praying more, while I work.

Mar 21

Harris supports repeal of the 13th amendment. The chasm between the Infecteds and the Immunes is now irreparable. The former situation is hopeless, the latter is slave labor. The CDC no longer exists. People are so frightened there is virtually no looting. Why steal a TV? I think the first shooting in December put the army and NG and LE on notice. But we need these people to take the dead away.

The burning and stench of the dead is around the clock, and the army and NG no longer truck them out. Losses are now over 70 million, which I am told is a good sign? Slowing down. I don’t know. It seems like they cant burn fast enough.

Apr 21

As I write this the sun is setting. Last couple nights horrible screams in the distance at night. Just returned from the Smith’s. Both younger than me, but not by much. Both real sick, I was delivering a scheduled hot meal—they are nice and I try to keep them comfortable—macaroni and butter and broccoli.

Mr smith was dead in the front hall floor. Looked like an animal got to him. I called out for mrs smith and she was gone, not there, I searched, maybe dragged out into the woods and brush nearby by whatever killed her husband and I was not going to look there.

That was two hours ago. I am home, just ate the mac and butter I brought to the smith’s. Cell coverage out for days. I am looking out the window and people are converging in front of my house. Slowly. Doesn’t look like anyone is talking. But now they look at me.

I’m gunned up. Some evil is coming.

I’m ready for them. blue light.

{{ end journal entry of John Shepherd }}

December 2057

The blue light was our interceptor TT, who retrieved the journal. Another TT was made concurrent to the last opportunity. The threat John Shepherd described is as we suspected. John Shepherd did not survive past the third TT.

TT has been successfully sending Corona Virus 3 to the then CDC (Center for Disease Control, the former laboratories for infectious diseases in the former USA) in Georgia.

The CV 3 is the antidote. The New Zealand Committee for Peace will continue expanding this antidote through TT until… we survive, and we are all immune.

Pray for success.

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