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Racism and the Cowards it Breeds.

In the space of 2 weeks three appalling instances of racism, real evil, have occurred and been broadcast to the world, turning it on its head.

First, three stupid fat crackers decided to put the law in their own hands and one of them panicked and shot an unarmed man. Jogging, maybe, but that does not matter. Maybe Mr. Arbery was walking around an open construction site in broad daylight, a harmless activity that I have done in my own neighborhood. But that is not a crime requiring civilian detention.

All three of these creeps are bad actors with differing degrees of evil. Cracker dipshit #1 was allegedly a former cop, and, if true, he should know that he cannot detain anyone and should have called the real police. The chicken-shit spawn #2, his son, shoots Arbery when Arbery has the temerity to tell #2 to-go-wherever, shotgun or not.

So spawn dipshit #2 panics and shoots and kills.

Here’s the crazy thing: they almost got away with it. Enter dumbass cracker asshat #3 who videoed the whole thing and releases the condemning footage 2 months later when it looked like the boys were in the clear. Oops.

Those three are all evil killers in the same degree of ignorance and stupidity, should never get bail, and their photos should be splashed everywhere. Cowards.

One more aside in episode number one: it appears that the good old boy network was in full gear from police administrators to prosecutors. The US Justice Department should get its collective useless ass down to south Georgia and lop off a few heads.

The second overt racist act is that sad sack bitch dog walker. She was the one disobeying the law and clearly sees her in-the-moment-right to deify a freakin’ animal as more important than the good order that requires a leash in the park. She is so lacking in self-awareness as to state she intended to deliberately violate the 8th Commandment on a cell video taken by the object of her racist threat. Yeah, okay, she apologized, but the video is both damning and alarming and she has lost dearly in professional career and personal reputation, forever, even after the birdwatcher forgave her.

Too bad. She’ll carry that to her grave. She earned it. I have no sympathy.

And last and more lasting, we witness the cold-blooded murder of Mr. Floyd in a single frame of a video memorializing the central figure who killed him directly and the other three sheep who watched. There are police procedures for a reason, and these normally protect the officers themselves.

I noted immediately the face of the cop who committed the crime and I saw fear. That POS fake officer of the law was out of his depth and he knew it. Everyone realizes that law enforcement takes risks all day, every day, with their own lives. That was not the case here. And when LEO can’t follow the rules, why should anyone else?

But this rioting crap? Evil exists there, too. Chanting “no justice, no peace” is a threat the demonstrators can’t follow through on. Would a summary execution in the street of a killer cop have made a difference? A lynching?

No. Evil is evil, should not be excused, and must be disinfected with the light of day.

The cops in this (and sadly too many other) instances are eroding the institution of law enforcement. It has certainly taken respect out of the equation and made the job of nearly 1 million good officers very difficult. The cancer came from within. Balance that with celebrity mischief makers who think burning cop cars, defacing monuments, and ruining small community businesses is justified.

Now, instead of wringing hands, let’s do something.

A couple suggestions:

· All cops should be tested for mental stress or hidden racism or whatever for theloveofallthatisholy will keep creeps like McMichael and Chauvin out of uniform. If it is already being done, then update, upgrade, revamp, make it tougher.

· We need more men and women of color in law enforcement and other parts of government institutions that require good judgment and common decency. It’s about respect, and that cuts both ways.

· And the black community should stop killing themselves, first in the womb, and then through urban violence, re: Chicago on any day of the week.

· Lastly, anyone wearing a mask during an illegal assembly and attempts criminal activity of any kind should be charged with a felony. These brick throwers, rioters, and thieves are arrested, ticketed, and given a bench warrant on a misdemeanor. Let’s see how tough these milky white guys who live in their mother’s basement are in the prison system general population.

What do all the bad actors in the three cases of killer racism and the rioters have in common?

They are all cowards.

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