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Our Culture Inchoate: Pro-Life #20

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Congresswoman Torres' reaction to the US Senate vote on the Infanticide bill.

Luanne and LION NEWS, February 26, 2019, remote, Washington, Capital Rotunda 1100am

LUANNE (LL): Congresswoman! Congresswoman Torres! A minute, please!

TORRES (T): Hi, Luanne…. I am a little busy right now…

LL: Congresswoman, last night’s US Senate vote on abortion restriction was predictable but disappointing for pro-lifers. Can you comment?

T: The bill was not, not, about abortion restriction, Luanne, and your network, all the networks, have failed the American people by not reporting on the facts. The bill was meant to save lives. The bill was meant to prevent infanticide. The bill was meant to protect babies born alive after a failed abortion, or just before birth when viable.

LL: You seem angry…

T: You bet I am. The vote was straight along party lines. The shibboleth of the democratic party is now about the alleged right to kill children. Abortion is awful enough, but infanticide is inexcusable and always wrong. A right to abortion is not a right to kill a child after birth.

LL: What do you plan to do, or say?

T: I am one of four speakers tonight at the Balboa Institute, where I will give a speech on one of the three American existential issues…National Health.

In this infanticide case, the democrats will fail in the short term on this issue alone. There is no way to justify it. We have handed the 2020 election cycle to the republicans, even though they have tried to fail all on their own.

I will not bend to the will of the democratic leadership on this issue, or any other for that matter. I will likely get primaried again, and I don’t care. You are hearing this first: I have been stripped of all committee assignments, not because of my actions, but because I have not bowed to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. I am furious, and I will not be silenced.

Second, I believe that Speaker Pelosi has an addled brain. I am not a doctor, but she makes Trump look scholarly. I believe in my bones that her vision is only two years out, and not for the future of the party or the nation. The Speaker is obsessed with embarrassing and defeating Trump, which he can do just fine on his own, thank you very much.

And this Senate bill is the icing on the cake. The democrats lose many many voters on this, and if the Senate had approved of the protection bill the party would have lost nothing and gained middle America, and reasonable Americans. The pro-choice caucus has nowhere else to go.

Third and last… at the best opportunity I am challenging Nancy Pelosi for the speakership. More then! Thank you.

LL: Wait, wait, what?

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