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It’s November 27th, and I have a couple requests…

FIRST:  Most of you have received your copy of BED BUG STEW (thank you for your advance purchase!) and now I am asking two things… WRITE A REVIEW on Amazon and Goodreads, please!  The reviews help the SEO algorithm to push BED BUG STEW to the top of searches. And tell a friend or ten about what a fun experience BED BUG STEW is for you!  Go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble online today!

Four or Five Star, of course.  Unless you are a professional critic, please consider being generous.  I actually had an extended family member give a less than thrilled review a while back and I am still scratching my head on that one.  We used to get along famously.  That person is not even remotely in the literary critique space, and he expanded at length on several items he thought wrong with the work.  A simple phone call would have been preferred, if you catch my drift.  Well, he does not get that bottle of Dom Perignon I was going to send!

SECOND:  BIG FEELINGS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE:  Grief, Courage, Siblings, and Pets is now available in Paperback due to popular demand!  My sister-in-law Stephanie’s artwork is terrific and truly makes this book a treat for you and your children and grandchildren.  Available ONLY through Amazon!

THIRD and Last:  My previous three books, THE MARCH OF THE 18TH, THE MARCH OF THE ORPHANS, and A FACE ON THE FLAG are available through my website for the rock bottom price of $30 for all three… or $15 for any one of them, $25 for any two… BUT THIRTY BUCKS for all three is a wonderful Christmas present for yourself or friends or family members!  $30 only!  Shipping is free!

Just go to my website, , and order from there… email me if you want any special inscriptions, or if you want to direct the books to the address of a gift recipient.

Again and again, thank you for your patience and support.  REMEMBER:  Half of my royalties go to veteran service organizations, ALWAYS!

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