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Herschel, Try This for the Win

What can Herschel do to secure a winnable Senate seat?

Walker is a flawed Trump-anointed candidate, who damn near pulled it off. He received about 200,000 fewer votes than Governor Kemp but 100,000 more than Stacey Abrams, praise be to God.

Which speaks volumes as to who is less liked by the masses, and it isn’t the football hero.

Compare the flaws of the two candidates, Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker.

Both have treated the women in their lives abominably, with gun threats and using a car as a weapon, both plausible actions and any explanation is inadequate.

The difference is that Herschel’s old girlfriends paint a picture of hypocrisy, which in 2022 is no real liability except it is about… abortion, the democrats’ raison d’etre. If Warnock had given a ride to a clinic, he’d get a medal.

So, it is strange that the democrats make this woman’s choice about Herschel – and that is the failure here, the real hypocrisy.

Herschel has acted terribly to all his family members, but we know that family dynamics can be complicated, petty, and brutal. The best thing he can do, heartfelt and honest, is to beg forgiveness through his current redemption and maturity.

I suggest he say:

“Yes, I supported an old girlfriend’s right to choose. I was younger, immature, had lost my way, and I have acted poorly to people I should have shown more love to. I broke vows and am ashamed of my actions. I am a different man today. I will not discuss their lives with anyone going forward.

“I apologize to them and to you my supporters, the Bulldog Nation, and all Georgians who believe that sinners can redeem themselves. I am contrite and I will earn your trust by standing up for what is right: obedience to the rule of law, support for our police and first responders, support for parents, support for people who need fuel to heat homes, run businesses, travel to work, drive for work, and have to pay unnecessarily at the pump and in the grocery store.

“We want confidence back on Wall Street so Main Street can thrive.

“Bringing good order and fiscal discipline while levelling the business playing field without favoritism is the best path to victory for all Georgians and all Americans.

“I wholeheartedly support our Governor’s agenda and your rights as individuals to get government out of your lives and to support the most vulnerable among us.

“And to all of you listening, especially women, who think I am an awful person… I am a sinner.

“I believe abortion is wrong but that there are circumstances when the last thing a woman needs is some man to tell her what she can’t do. All I ask, sincerely, is that she consider seeking alternatives, good alternatives that can enhance the lives of childless couples and will not haunt her for the rest of her life.

“That would be a tough road, one I am not capable or worthy of, but I do believe that women, especially in the most trying of circumstances, are heroes.

“I don’t pretend to be perfect. I don’t pretend to be a preacher.

“I have taken more hard knocks in life than many, but I have gotten back up every time, gladly, proudly. I was blessed by God with the gift of athleticism and always played the game between the tackles, hitting that line, hard. I was fortunate to have teammates who took the first hits in a fierce game so I could run free. I will always be in awe of those who sacrificed and played their best so I could do my best. To win.

“I am a proud son of Georgia and will be honored to represent you in the US Senate.

“I ask for all Georgians to consider voting for me. I thank the almost two million friends and citizens who have already had the courage and confidence to vote for me the first time, and I ask that you do so again.

“God Bless you all. Thank you.”

Wild raucous applause from everyone…

From your fearless hack:

Now that Herschel has finished speaking, let me go back to California and some of the recent laws unheralded.

I have lived in California for almost 10% of my life: three plus years in the service in SoCal and another three plus years in NorCal for my old employer, a gap separated by 20 years.

I do love California. My wife is so-so on it, still. She’s a proud Jersey girl.

In addition to the unfortunate enshrinement of abortion as a right in California, two other issues arise.

On-line and casino gambling, and all its attendant bastard cousins, was turned down by the voters. This is a good move for Californians so you gotta give those folks some credit.

The other issue, and hand-to-God-I’m-telling-the-truth here, is the recomposting of the deceased. Gavin Newsome signed it into law last week.

Yes, dead people as fertilizer. Now there’s a priority.

Mr. Newsome sure has a grip on that asylum. And he wants to bring that nonsense to the rest of America in 2024. Oh, boy.

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