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Guns, Again.

Guns, again. But this time democrats may breech the fortress of the Second Amendment.

Within the past three weeks, there were several gun related homicides. The first was the Atlanta area shooting, called a hate crime because of the identity of six of eight victims. A new wave of anti-Asian racism was suddenly crashing on our shores. The fact that the killer was a loner loser who frequented these places of prostitution was irrelevant. The real tragedy, unreported, is that these seemingly innocuous massage parlors in our strip malls are fronts for criminal sex trafficking. But keep making up “Asian hate,” MSM, implying that anyone who is not identified as a minority is tangentially guilty.

Then within days, if not hours, shootings occur in Boulder, Virginia Beach, San Diego, DC (thrice, one taser and one death-by-car and a Pentagon cop run amok), South Carolina, Texas… well, people get shot every day, right? Suddenly it is about guns, not hate crimes (a silly notion in itself) but mental illness. The “epidemic” Mr. Biden wants to address front and center is about gun ownership. The hate diatribe is gone, and no one in the media wants to say why: all of the above were people of color or rabid fundamentalist political ideology or just plain nasty criminally evil stupidity.

So Biden does the Rose Garden thing and exposes his real intentions for uniting America.

Gun laws all sound reasonable until you realize that none of them would have made a difference in the recent shootings. The laws proposed are about control and confiscation. There was no mention of systemic (read FBI) errors of background checks, especially in the Charleston, SC, shooting a few years back. The background check system failed, and nine church goers were murdered in their sanctuary.

Especially troubling is the red-flag suggestion. Anyone can report anyone for any reason. You know, the police state at its worst. Go ahead and tick off a snowflake on social media and have the cops come to your door with a warrant to confiscate your weapons. Gun owners, law-abiding responsible gun owners, are the next convenient target of the cancel culture.

The liability issue in respect to gun manufacturers also sounds reasonable, but it shields the truly responsible person: the evildoer who uses a weapon to harm or intimidate others. I can understand background checks for formal sales of weapons.

By analogy, a bartender cannot sell booze to an obviously drunk person. A gun broker should have some discretion to sell a weapon… but wait, that is fraught with problems of discrimination, too, unless the gun buyer is foaming at the mouth.

As an aside, Biden states that better gun laws solve racial issues. He must, as race-baiting is his hobby horse. I repeat for the umpteenth time that except for the Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil Right Act and the Voting Rights Act, the Second Amendment has done more for people of color than any program the democrats can dream up.

There was no mention of vigorous prosecution of straw sales that are currently on the books and not enforced. Gang members can coerce non-criminal family members to purchase guns legally, then report them stolen… the whole Chicago mess, a city that refuses to prosecute straw buyers.

Biden’s gun surge is a red herring. He can’t control the border, can’t rely on Trump hate, and can’t argue the efficacy of voter laws, so it is essential that he deflect, pivot, and punish the people he doesn’t respect: the law-abiding folks who still know their constitutional rights.

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