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Creating Dissension as a Matter of Unity

The biggest story of the 60-day Biden administration is the story not being reported.

Biden is relying almost exclusively on Trump hate, which will not be able to sustain itself. His pronouncements are shrill and deny the right of achievement to anyone but the anti-DT coalition, creating unnecessary envy and dissension.

Biden does need to continue to foster this resentment and perceived inequities to thrill his base. Though identity politics is a cancer on the national discourse, it is his stock in trade.

His reinstatement, or passive permission, of critical race theory is a divide and conquer tactic that his minions are applying with a vengeance and the KKK must be secretly applauding.

Biden democrats see a racist under every rock, and if everyone is a racist then no one is. The real bottom feeders can hide under false narratives accusing the innocent.

Look at the recent shootings. Because the victims of the Atlanta area attack were Asians by identity it rose to hate crime status (an absurd theory in its own right) and suddenly all people not of color or anointed identity are tangentially guilty. But less than a week later in Colorado a person of radical political views is not pilloried in the press for the alleged ramblings in his head, like the Atlanta killer, but for the weapon he used to indiscriminately kill.

Leave it to Biden’s party to make a political point of real tragedy without evidence before the investigation gets its boots on. It is the stuff of real blitzkrieg demonizing public relations.

Stoking racist narratives with kneejerk lectures and presumptions builds resentment of both people of color and identity and people who see each other as human, flawed and fragile, just working to get by.

Identity politics is bullying on a pseudo-intellectual scale, without recourse to common sense and good judgment.

Trump is temporarily sidelined. Good. When he told whoppers he actually believed them and his ad libs were cringe-worthy.

But when Biden tells whoppers he doesn’t even know what he said, especially when he is off script. In the recent presser, Biden’s first as president (I still don’t believe it), he said he has spent 120 years in the Senate, that most republicans agree with him, that over 90 Fortune 500 companies paid no taxes, and that the border was closed. All of these are ridiculous assertions, all ad-libbed, and all words do have meaning. It means he doesn’t know what he’s saying.

A fawning media is aiding and abetting in this almost criminal abuse of good Americans. One fake journalist even prefaced a question with “You’re a decent man.” I don’t recall that kind of boot licking the last four years, and there were plenty of complicit suck-ups available to Trump to do so.

Biden must rely on the politics of identity and division because that is what got him into the White House. An administration built on resentment and envy will not produce anything substantive that will survive future challenges and will reap only cultural havoc.

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