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A Tempest in Their Teapot

Too much is being made of Liz Cheney: her opinion, her quasi-leadership position, her demotion. The democrats and their enablers in the Talking Head media (essentially the same beast, a hydra) love Liz to pieces. She’ll fade because her relevancy will evaporate. Cheney represented the old guard republicans, essentially her father, Bush 43, and the Romney RINOs.

Not a bad crew, but no longer a strong one, either. The Never Trumpers will have to capitulate sooner rather than later to the inevitable blending of the new republican party.

Bad-mouthing Trump is easy work and he makes it even easier to get dumped on with his caustic personality and trail of goofy bootlickers. But that isn’t effective governing and most people know it. Cheney created a niche for herself and if she gets reelected it will be a small miracle in a state with only one congressional representative.

And now there may be a January 6 commission. I say bring it on.

The lies the media coughed up in January will have to be exposed. There were no weapons in this alleged insurrection, and with one notable exception any deaths that day were ancillary to the events. Ashli Babbitt, a veteran, was shot and killed by… whom? A capitol hill cop? Secret Service? Private security? (Why don’t we know that person’s identity?) The crazy asshats who entered the building did not destroy monuments or burn or loot; you know, like alleged BLM supporters did last summer in once great American cities. And they are still at it.

But I digress. As to the commission, the democrats assume that they will be able to retry Trump, re-do his impeachment, jettisoning the false and bizarre facts they pedaled and inserting new anecdotes from the individual investigations.

That will be problematic as most of those accused of crimes have not had their day in court, yet the purpose of the commission is not fact finding or the pursuit of justice. It is about keeping Trump in the crosshairs and cornering republicans on their stand about “the Big Lie.”

Do bring it on. There are legitimate concerns about the 2020 election but the smart money cannot waste time debating the outcome any longer

. It is, and has been since November, a done deal. The cloudiness of the election, from judicial action in Pennsylvania to inaction by the US Supreme Court and many points in between, is a factor that will rile up people who have already acquiesced to the outcome but still smell garbage.

Part of the scent of decay is Trump himself. I hope he stays in the background. Every day that goes by and he is silent his administration’s achievements and intentions grow in stature largely because Biden and the democrats in general are loopy and inept: Iran, Israel, China, inflation, a racist-under-every-rock, the porous border, the price of gas, a bad jobs report, HR1, and conflicting information about COVID and the conflicting policy stemming from baseless “science.” Each one of these responses by democrats merits condemnation.

The real problem with Liz Cheney and her new step-sister of a January 6 commission is that democrats are creating more crisis that will soon become tragedy, caused by misinformation.

But bring it on. The democrats will be shocked when Trump bashing on TV for free will garner a big yawn from the people they seek to persuade. The dems’ hypocrisy during impeachment one and impeachment two has most people weary and wary.

I have stated before and I will repeat that Trump should spend every nickel he has and every breath he takes coming up with incontrovertible evidence of the elements his legal team held aloft in December last year. What I find interesting is one prominent member of that crack team, Sidney Powell (formerly a respected prosecutor and litigator), is using as her defense as a respondent being sued by Dominion Voting Systems that “reasonable people would not have believed” her assertions during that time.

Donnie, baby, don’t start there. Democrats? Bring it on.

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