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Our Culture Inchoate: #1 Dems blow it again

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

How a fictional pro-life democrat can make Washington work for the people. Reaction to Pres. address January 2019.


LUANNE, LION NEWS (LL): Excuse me, excuse me. Are you Representative Torres, from New Jersey?

REP TORRES (T) Yes, I am! Thanks for recognizing me. You’re Luanne, right?

LL: Yes! Do you have a minute?

T: Sure. What’s on your mind?

LL: The president spoke last night and Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer rebutted it. What’s the next step in your opinion?

T: I think they’re all nuts.

LL: Excuse me?

T: I do not agree with the president and I am a partisan democrat; I have always supported the party and will continue to do so. With that said, last night’s show was almost comical if it wasn’t so serious. Trump wants his wall. Democrats want him to lose on his central campaign pledge. He may lose. He’ll probably self-destruct, but that does not resolve the central issue of immigration. Speaker Pelosi and Sen Schumer gave no alternative, no solution, and simply countered Trump’s demagoguery. That is not leadership, by either party. Coming to a solution is leadership. Immigration reform is long overdue.

LL: But the shutdown…

T: The president has handled this wrong from the start, and I will not make any excuses or apologies for him. But this request for appropriation is arguably within his authority. Misguided, but a standard practice in this administration. Was the democratic leadership surprised by this? Of course not. Where the democratic leadership has failed is taking advantage of Trump’s dug-in position. Give him his wall today, but we democrats should ask for the moon… and he’ll agree to it. The wall is everything to him, and a Pyrrhic victory for him is better than caving in.

LL: A what?

T: P-Y-R-R-H-I-C. look it up. He’ll burn the place down before he gives up his wall, and then he’ll say he won. Gotta run!

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Jun 28, 2019

Thanks for this series, love it!

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